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War & Army Main Event: Hidden costs 'raise U...
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11-13 Hidden costs 'raise US war price' U.S. Congress
C. 11-13 Bhutto to Musharraf: Step down Pakistan
3. 11-13 Troops shut radio station Somalia
E. 11-13 Royal sex cartoonists fined Spain
F. 11-13 Transport workers on strike Paris
6. 11-13 Tens of thousands flee refugee camps Congo
H. 11-13 S Leone 'riddled with corruption' Sierra Leone
I. 11-13 UN envoy praises changes in Burma Myanmar
J. 11-13 Yahoo settles dissidents suit China


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Morning News

Nov.13   U.S. Congress   Hidden costs 'raise US war price'
  The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are costing nearly double the amount previously thought

  Pakistan     Bhutto to Musharraf: Step down   Former Prime Minister called on President Gen. Musharraf to immediately step down in the wake of a mass crackdown on the opposition

  Somalia Troops shut radio station  The transitional government shut down the independent Shabelle Radio network

  Spain Royal sex cartoonists fined  2 cartoonists have been found guilty of offending the royal family and fined 3,000 euros each

Day News

  Paris   Transport workers on strike
  It's a second major showdown with President Sarkozy over his plan to reform pension

  Congo   Tens of thousands flee refugee camps  It didn't appear rebels had targeted the camps; some were looted after camp residents, classified as internally displaced persons, fled

  Sierra Leone S Leone 'riddled with corruption'  Widespread corruption and mismanagement are revealed in a confidential presidential audit commissioned by President Ernest Bai Koroma

  Myanmar UN envoy praises changes in Burma  The United Nations special envoy Ibrahim Gambari has said the situation there has changed for the better in the past few weeks

Evening News

  China   Yahoo settles dissidents suit  Internet giant has settled a lawsuit brought by the families of a dissident and a journalist, who were jailed after the company cooperated with authorities

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