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1. 11-14 Strike brings travel chaos France
2. 11-14 'Fast economic growth' in Africa Central Africa
D. 11-14 Arrest talk on ex-Khmer Rouge PM Phnom Penh, Cambodia
11-14 Thousands homeless after quake Tocopilla, Chile
F. 11-14 Darfur mission 'may fail' says UN Darfur
G. 11-14 Bangladesh braces for cyclone Chittagong, Bangladesh
7. 11-14 Families:Chiquita liable for torture, murder New York
8. 11-14 Australians named worst emitters Australia
J. 11-14 Iraq bill sets troop withdrawal timeline U.S. Congress


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Morning News

Nov.14   France   Strike brings travel chaos
  Transport and energy workers broadened a strike in protest against Sarkozy's pension reform
 Rail services were disrupted and energy production reduced. Thousands of commuters were forced to improvise

  Central Africa 'Fast economic growth' in Africa  The economic outlook is improving after a decade of growth of 5.4% for the continent that matches global rates

  Cambodia Arrest talk on ex-Khmer Rouge PM  Khieu Samphan arrived in Phnom Penh and was quickly taken to a local hospital for medical treatment

Day News

  Chile   Thousands homeless after quake Map of Tocopilla Chile
  Thousands may have to sleep in the streets after a 7.7 magnitude earthquake rattled the north part of the country, killing at least 2 people
 There are 1,200 houses, at least, that were totally flattened

  Darfur   Darfur mission 'may fail' says UN  The joint UN-African Union peacekeeping mission may fail unless countries can provide helicopters and lorries

  Bangladesh     Bangladesh braces for cyclone Map of Chittagong Bangladesh  Volunteers helped evacuate thousands of people from southern coast and the government warned ships to seek shelter

  New York Families:Chiquita liable for torture, murder  A $7.86 billion lawsuit was filed on behalf of nearly 400 Colombian families who say Chiquita Brands International should be held responsible

  Australia Australians named worst emitters  A study of the power stations has shown the extent to which developed countries produce more carbon dioxide per head than emerging economies

Evening News

  U.S. Congress Iraq bill sets troop withdrawal timeline  The Democratic-controlled House approved a war-funding bill with a timeline for troop withdrawal and less funds to conduct the war

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