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1. 11-15 Musharraf set to unveil new team Pakistan
2. 11-15 Abbas urges 'bring down Hamas' West Bank
D. 11-15 Stun gun death on video Western Canada
E. 11-15 Railroad strikes spread Germany
F. 11-15 Boys killed in fighting Karachi
G. 11-15 Oil spill may take months to clear Moscow
11-15 Baseball star Barry Bonds charged San Francisco Bay Area
8. 11-15 Bhutto 'freed from house arrest' Lahore
9. 11-15 US urges more sanctions on Iran Washington


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Morning News

Nov.15   Pakistan     Musharraf set to unveil new team  The president is set to unveil a new, caretaker government once the current parliament's term expires at midnight

  West Bank Abbas urges 'bring down Hamas'  Palestinian Authority President has called for Gaza's rulers to be 'brought down', his strongest call yet for their removal

  Western Canada Stun gun death on video  Video footage has been released showing the last moments of an immigrant who died after being stunned with a Taser by police

  Germany Railroad strikes spread  Train drivers launched a strike on the passenger network, following freight train drivers off the job

  Karachi Boys killed in fighting  Two boys have been killed during unrest where supporters of Bhutto have clashed with police

  Moscow Oil spill may take months to clear  The Ministry for Emergency Situations said improved weather was helping the effort to clear the spill, which could damage the area for years

Day News

  San Francisco Bay Area     Baseball star Barry Bonds charged
  A federal grand jury has charged baseball record breaker with perjury and obstruction of justice over an inquiry into steroids use

  Lahore     Bhutto 'freed from house arrest' Map of Lahore Pakistan  Benazir Bhutto has been released from house arrest. She had been planning a mass protest march

  Washington   US urges more sanctions on Iran  The US has vowed to push for further UN sanctions against Iran, following the latest report on its nuclear program

  Volga Region   Cult awaits end of days in cave Map of Penza Russia  Members of a doomsday cult barricaded themselves to wait out the end of the world after leader's arrest

  UN U.N. losing grip on Iran nuke plan  The nuclear watchdog admitted it was no longer in touch with how nuclear program was developing, even as Tehran continues its enrichment

  Bangladesh Millions to evacuate as cyclone slams  A powerful cyclone is tearing down flimsy houses, toppling trees and power poles, and forcing hundreds of thousands to flee their homes

  Chile President arrive in quake zone  Michelle Bachelet is announcing a state of emergency and promising aid after 3 powerful aftershocks rattled the region

Evening News

  Bangladesh     Cyclone hits: More than 200 dead
  Cyclone Sidr packing 150 mph winds slammed southeast coast, forcing hundreds of thousands from their homes
 The death toll could rise and that the extent of the damage is still unclear

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