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Main Event: Bhutto rejects new interim cabi...
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11-16 Bhutto rejects new interim cabinet Pakistan
C. 11-16 Legal action to ban Kurdish party Turkey
D. 11-16 Watchdog cancels poll plan Russia
E. 11-16 Musharraf pours scorn on Bhutto Pakistan
F. 11-16 British military reports drop in violence Basra
G. 11-16 Cyclone rescue effort under way Bangladesh
H. 11-16 U.S. envoy arrives to pressure Musharraf Pakistan


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Morning News

Nov.16   Pakistan     Bhutto rejects new interim cabinet  The opposition leader, freed from house arrest, has rejected Musharraf's new interim government, deeming it 'not acceptable'

  Turkey Legal action to ban Kurdish party  The prosecutors have reportedly moved to ban Democratic Society Party (DTP) that has been accused of colluding with Kurdish rebels

  Russia Watchdog cancels poll plan  The OSCE will not send monitors to Russian elections because its staff have been denied visas

Day News

  Pakistan Musharraf pours scorn on Bhutto  President has hit out at opposition leader and dismissed her hopes of coming to power in elections

  Basra British military reports drop in violence  Violence in Basra province has dropped by 90% since British troops moved their base outside the provincial capital

Evening News

  Chile   30 tons of extra aid sent to quake area  The government airlifted 30 more tons of aid to an area in the north hit by a massive earthquake, but remains the lack of water

  Bangladesh     Cyclone rescue effort under way   Aid workers are struggling to reach hundreds of thousands of survivors from a cyclone that ripped through southern and central Bangladesh

  Pakistan U.S. envoy arrives to pressure Musharraf  Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte was expected to deliver a strong message, urging Musharraf to end his emergency decree

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