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1. 11-18 63 killed after coal mine blast Donetsk, Donbass
2. 11-18 Cyclone death toll hits 2,000 Bangladesh
D. 11-18 Federer is just too hot for Ferrer Shanghai
E. 11-18 Iran eyes nuclear options abroad Iran
5. 11-18 'Deaths' from pipeline fire Hawiyah, Saudi Arabia
G. 11-18 Bomber kills kids getting toys from troops Iraq
H. 11-18 Dynamo repeats MLS championship Texas
8. 11-18 Phone call frees miners Melbourne
11-18 Cyclone death toll surpasses 3,000 Bangladesh


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Morning News

Nov.18   Donbass   63 killed after coal mine blast Map of Donetsk Ukraine
  A methane blast has ripped through a mine in eastern Ukraine, killing more than 30 miners and leaving about 50 others missing
 The explosion occurred at the Zasyadka mine in the Donetsk region at a depth of more than 1,000 meters. The blast, caused by a build-up of methane gas

  Bangladesh   Cyclone death toll hits 2,000
  Sidr is one of the worst storms to strike the impoverished country of Bangladesh in recent years. Bangladesh continues to assess the damage

  Shanghai     Federer is just too hot for Ferrer Map of Shanghai  Top-ranked won his fourth Masters Cup title in 5 years when he overwhelmed Spaniard David Ferrer 6-2 6-3 6-2

  Iran Iran eyes nuclear options abroad  President Ahmadinejad is to discuss with Arab nations a plan to enrich uranium outside the region in a neutral country such as Switzerland

  Saudi Arabia 'Deaths' from pipeline fire  A pipeline erupted into flames in eastern Saudi Arabia, causing 'a number of deaths and injuries'

Day News

  Iraq   Bomber kills kids getting toys from troops
  A roadside bomb killed 3 Iraqi children and injured 7 as they gathered around American troops handing out toys

  Texas Dynamo repeats MLS championship  Houston rallied with two goals in the second half to beat the New England Revolution 2-1 in the MLS Cup, the first MLS team to repeat in a decade

  Melbourne Phone call frees miners  27 miners were rescued less than 5 hours after a landslide trapped them deep below ground in a gold mine

Evening News

  Bangladesh   Cyclone death toll surpasses 3,000
  The number of dead killed from Cyclone Sidr is expected to rise as the country continues to assess the damage
 Rescue and relief teams have reached much of remote Bangladesh devastated by a powerful cyclone. An estimated 1 million families are thought to have been affected

  Cambodia   Former Khmer Rouge leader arrested
  Khieu Samphan, the former head of state, was arrested by a U.N.-backed genocide tribunal after being taken from a hospital

  Iran Ahmadinejad dismisses US currency  Iranian President has suggested an end to the trading of oil in US dollars, calling the currency 'a worthless piece of paper'

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