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Crime Main Event: France braced for huge new...
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B. 11-19 Anti-Musharraf petitions rejected Pakistan
C. 11-19 Israel to release 450 prisoners Jerusalem
D. 11-19 Ethiopia 'bombs' Ogaden villages Somalia
11-19 France braced for huge new strike France
5. 11-19 Lawyer in rape victim plea Saudi Arabia
6. 11-19 Khmer Rouge jailer to face court Cambodia
7. 11-19 Photographer accused of insurgent ties Baghdad
I. 11-19 Fish dumping 'will ruin industry' United Kingdom
9. 11-19 Genocide tribunal begins Phnom Penh, Cambodia


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Morning News

Nov.19   Pakistan   Anti-Musharraf petitions rejected  The Supreme Court, packed with judges appointed in recent days by Musharraf, dismissed 5 major petitions contesting the validity of his re-election
 A Supreme Court swiftly dismissed legal challenges to his continued rule on Monday, opening the way for him to serve another 5-year term, this time solely as a civilian president

  Jerusalem Israel to release 450 prisoners  The government has approved the release of Palestinian detainees in a move announced just before talks with Palestinian leaders

  Somalia Ethiopia 'bombs' Ogaden villages  Separatist rebels say days of air attacks on civilians have caused many casualties

Day News

  France   France braced for huge new strike
  Millions of civil servants and students are being asked to join striking transport workers for a second week of industrial action

  Saudi Arabia Lawyer in rape victim plea  A human rights attorney is asking the government to allow him to represent a woman who was gang-raped -- and then sentenced to prison

  Cambodia Khmer Rouge jailer to face court  The former head of a notorious prison is due to appear in front of the UN-backed genocide tribunal at its first public session

Evening News

  Baghdad   Photographer accused of insurgent ties  The U.S. military has 'convincing and irrefutable' evidence that Bilal Hussein Zaidon, an award-winning AP photographer is connected to the insurgency

  United Kingdom Fish dumping 'will ruin industry'  The UK fishing industry faces ruin unless EU quota rules which see millions of freshly-caught fish end up back in the sea, dead, are changed

  Cambodia Genocide tribunal begins  The U.N.-backed tribunal opened its first formal hearing in Phnom Penh with the chief torturer of the Khmer Rouge the first to appear

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