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11-02 'Kidnap' children may not get home Chad
C. 11-02 Floods strand 300,000; more rain ahead Tabasco, Mexico
D. 11-02 Senior Tamil Tiger leader killed Sri Lanka
4. 11-02 US declares PKK 'a common enemy' Turkey
5. 11-02 President Calderon pledges disaster aid Tabasco, Mexico
G. 11-02 S Lanka troops 'abused Haitians' Haiti
H. 11-02 Hollywood writers will go for strike Southern California
I. 11-02 Pirates want U.S. Navy to back off Somalia
9. 11-02 Protests against president Saakashvili Georgia


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Morning News

Nov.2   Chad   'Kidnap' children may not get home
  Some of the youngsters at the center of an attempt to transport them to Europe may never be returned home because of confusion over their origins

  Mexico   Floods strand 300,000; more rain ahead Map of Tabasco Mexico
  Rescuers in boats and helicopters worked to evacuate people stranded by a flood, one of the worst natural disasters' to hit Mexico
 More than one million people are affected. Most of the state is under water. Tabasco Governor Andres Granier has urged anyone who owns a boat to help the rescue operation. Villahermosa and many other townshave been turned into brown lakes with only treetops and roofs visible. The storms have forced the closure of 3of Mexico's oil ports

  Sri Lanka   Senior Tamil Tiger leader killed
  SP Thamilselvan has been killed in a government air raid. He was the head of the rebels' political wing

  Turkey     US declares PKK 'a common enemy'  Condoleezza Rice has said Turkey and the U.S. share a common enemy in the Kurdistan Workers' Party

Day News

  Mexico   President Calderon pledges disaster aid Map of Tabasco Mexico  Felipe Calderon has pledged the full support of his government to help more than a million people hit by floods

  Haiti S Lanka troops 'abused Haitians'  The UN is sending home more than 100 of the 950 Sri Lankan peacekeepers, accusing them of sexual abuse, including with underage girls

  Southern California Hollywood writers will go for strike  The screenwriters' union has called a strike to demand a greater share in royalty payments from DVDs and new media sales

  Somalia Pirates want U.S. Navy to back off  Pirates who hijacked a Japanese tanker are demanding a U.S. warship shadowing the vessel back off

Evening News

  Georgia Protests against president Saakashvili  Tens of thousands of people gathered in Tbilis to protest against Mikhail Saakashvili and demand that elections be held earlier than scheduled

  North Korea N Korea nuclear shutdown to start  A team of US technicians is due to begin disabling nuclear complex with Pyongyang's permission

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