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11-20 HIV estimates reduced to 33m UN
2. 11-20 Election date set Pakistan
D. 11-20 Villagers dispute cyclone death toll Patharghata, Bangladesh
E. 11-20 Meredith murder: New suspect held Mainz, Germany
5. 11-20 Ian Smith, Rhodesia's last PM, dies at 88 Zimbabwe
G. 11-20 Bank data of 25 millions missing London
7. 11-20 Sarkozy defiant against strikers Paris
8. 11-20 Supreme Court ponders gun law U.S. Supreme Court
J. 11-20 Huge fire at refinery Durban, South Africa


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Morning News

Nov.20   UN   HIV estimates reduced to 33m
  The UN has reduced its estimates of how many people are infected with HIV in 2007 from nearly 40m to 33m

  Pakistan   Election date set  Elections for national assembly and its 4 provincial assemblies have been scheduled for January 8, and thousands of people have been released

  Bangladesh     Villagers dispute cyclone death toll Map of Patharghata Bangladesh  5 days after Cyclone Sidr struck Bangladesh, an overwhelming stench filled the air as rotting bodies and animal carcasses floated

  Germany Meredith murder: New suspect held  A fourth suspect in the killing of a 21-year-old British woman in Italy has been arrested

Day News

  Zimbabwe   Ian Smith, Rhodesia's last PM, dies at 88
  Rhodesia's last white prime minister, whose attempts to resist black rule dragged the country into isolation and civil war, died at age 88

  London   Bank data of 25 millions missing  Tax and customs service lost banking and personal data when 2 computer disks disappeared in an internal mail service

  Paris     Sarkozy defiant against strikers   French President has vowed to maintain his controversial economic reforms despite a second week of crippling industrial action

  U.S. Supreme Court Supreme Court ponders gun law  The Court is to consider an American's right to bear arms for the first time in nearly 70 years

  South Africa Huge fire at refinery  A refinery fire have been caused by lightning spread a thick column of black smoke over the city, burning nearly $18 million worth of fuel

  Baghdad Helicopter crash raises death toll  The 2 coalition service members were killed and 12 were hurt in a helicopter crash

Evening News

  Washington     US confirms Mid-East peace talks
  The US has confirmed it will host a conference next week aimed at relaunching negotiations to create a Palestinian state

  Saudi Arabia   Pipeline death toll at 40 Map of Hawiyah Saudi Arabia
  A gas pipeline fire in eastern Saudi Arabia killed 40 workers, 34 of them foreign (18 Pakistanis), and injured nine others

  Washington   McClellan: I misled media 'unknowingly'  Ex-Bush aide Scott McClellan says Bush and Cheney were involved in his passing along false information about the leak of a CIA operative's identity

  European Union 'Sexual history' quiz denied  The EU has denied claims it plans to question women about their sexual history to improve census statistics

  Paris Talks to begin over strike  Transport unions, management and the government are to hold talks as strikes over plans to reform pensions enter an eighth day

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