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11-24 Rudd: I will be prime minister for all Australia
2. 11-24 Kasparov held at anti-Kremlin rally Moscow
D. 11-24 Raids target militants in Kirkuk Kirkuk, Northern Iraq
E. 11-24 Sampras stuns Federer Macao, China
F. 11-24 Tourist airlift operation begins Antarctica
G. 11-24 Residents flee fires Malibu, Southern California
7. 11-24 Gov't: Rape victim had illegal affair Saudi Arabia
8. 11-24 Hindus, police clash Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
J. 11-24 Bridge collapse causes more miser Patuakhali, Bangladesh


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Morning News

Nov.24   Australia   Rudd: I will be prime minister for all
  Opposition leader Kevin Rudd greeted jubilant supporters, as he promised changes in environmental, education and workplace policies
 Conservative Prime Minister Howard officially conceded that the Labor Party had gained a majority of seats in parliament . Rudd, 50, is the head of center-left Labor Party.

  Moscow   Kasparov held at anti-Kremlin rally  Riot police detained opposition protesters, including former chess champion, after the rally of a few thousand people

  Northern Iraq Raids target militants in Kirkuk  US and Iraqi forces are carrying out a major security operation in the city of Kirkuk, where a 12-hour curfew was imposed

  China Sampras stuns Federer  Sampras converted one of two against his opponent as he handed Federer a 7-6 (8), 6-4 defeat at the Venetian Macao arena

  Antarctica Tourist airlift operation begins  A Chilean military plane is on its way to pick up passengers of shipwrecked vessel M/S Explorer

Day News

  Southern California Residents flee fires  Forest fires near Malibu have destroyed dozens of homes and forced the evacuation of 10,000 people

Evening News

  Saudi Arabia Gov't: Rape victim had illegal affair  The government said that the woman had an 'illegitimate relationship' with a man who was not her husband

  Malaysia Hindus, police clash  More than 5,000 Hindu protesters met water cannons and tear gas in Kuala Lumpur, while demanding equal rights

  Bangladesh Bridge collapse causes more miser  A section of a bridge collapsed as thousands of hungry cyclone victims stampeded toward aid workers delivering rice

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