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Politics Main Event: Syria to attend Mideast...
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11-25 Syria to attend Mideast summit Syria
2. 11-25 Nawaz Sharif arrives in Pakistan Lahore
3. 11-25 Rudd focuses on global warming Australia
4. 11-25 More activists arrested St. Petersburg
F. 11-25 Lawyer: Suspect in murder saw killer PERUGIA, Italy
G. 11-25 Soccer fans fall to their deaths Salvador, Northeastern Brazil


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Morning News

Nov.25   Syria   Syria to attend Mideast summit
  The Bush administration was able to declare a clean sweep when Syria said it would attend this week's high-stakes peace conference

  Lahore   Nawaz Sharif arrives in Pakistan
Map of Lahore Pakistan
  Former prime minister and opposition figure Nawaz Sharif arrived in Lahore, where he plans to directly participate in upcoming elections
 Sharif, who was toppled by President Musharraf in 1999, arrived to a jubilant welcome after 8 years in exile. Nawaz Sharif said it was unlikely that he would be able to work with Musharraf

  Australia Rudd focuses on global warming  Newly elected leader Kevin Rudd moved quickly to bring Australia into international talks on fighting global warming

  St. Petersburg More activists arrested  The protest was organised by the Other Russia. Police detained 150 people, including opposition leader Nemtsov, who was later freed

Day News

  Italy Lawyer: Suspect in murder saw killer  Rudy Hermann Guede, 20, was in Meredith Kercher's apartment when she was killed and tried to confront the assailant after the attac

Evening News

  Northeastern Brazil   Soccer fans fall to their deaths Map of Salvador Brazil  8 people died after a section of stands at a stadium in northeastern Brazil collapsed as cheering fans jumped up and down at the end of a game

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