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11-27 New Mid-East peace drive launched Annapolis, Maryland, Washington
C. 11-27 Two Koreas begin security talks North Korea
D. 11-27 Rioters 'criminals' says PM Paris
E. 11-27 Israel 'ready now for a deal' at summit Washington
5. 11-27 Bollywood star Dutt to be released India
6. 11-27 Supreme Court reopens Kazemi case Iran
H. 11-27 Climate change blamed for flooding Jakarta
8. 11-27 Negotiator cleared of spying Iran
J. 11-27 Musharraf set to give up uniform Pakistan


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Morning News

Nov.27   Washington   New Mid-East peace drive launched Map of Annapolis Maryland USA
  President W Bush has said the Israelis and Palestinians have agreed to make every effort to reach a peace agreement before the end of 2008
 Bush said a joint statement had been agreed by the Israeli and Palestinian leaders at a peace conference

  North Korea   Two Koreas begin security talks  The defense chiefs have begun a rare meeting to discuss easing tension across their disputed sea border, pledging to end the peninsula's division

  Paris Rioters 'criminals' says PM  Francois Fillon has said that youths who have rioted for 2 nights in the Paris suburbs are 'criminals'. 80 police officers were injured

  Washington Israel 'ready now for a deal' at summit  Israeli official: Israel is 'ready now for a deal,' at U.S.-brokered Mideast summit aimed at laying the groundwork for future peace negotiations

  India Bollywood star Dutt to be released  Sanjay Dutt was granted bail and will likely be released, after serving just 19 months of a six-year sentence for illegal weapons possession

  Iran Supreme Court reopens Kazemi case  The Court has ordered a new investigation into the death of the Iranian-Canadian photojournalist, while in custody in 2003

Day News

  Jakarta   Climate change blamed for flooding Map of Jakarta  Indonesia's environment minister said that global warming was to blame after the capital was partially flooded, forcing thousands to flee homes

  Iran Negotiator cleared of spying  An Iranian court cleared former nuclear negotiator Hossein Mousavian of charges of spying and possessing secret state documents

  Pakistan Musharraf set to give up uniform  President Musharraf is set to stand down as head of an army, after coming under intense international and domestic pressure

  UN Security Council Sudan 'blocking' Darfur mission  The head of UN peacekeeping Guehenno has said that Sudanese obstacles could mean the UN mission in Darfur is not viable

Evening News

  Rawalpindi     Musharraf steps down as army chief
Map of Rawalpindi Pakistan
  In a highly emotional speech, Pakistani President stepped down from his position as army chief, announcing his retirement
 Pervez Musharraf has handed over the command to Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kiani in a ceremony at the army headquarters. Musharraf said he was proud to have been the commander of this 'great force'

  Saudi Arabia   FM: Court to review sentence  A court will review the case of a teenage gang rape victim sentenced to jail and flogging after she was convicted of violating the sex segregation law

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