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B. 11-28 Mideast peace talks kick off Washington
2. 11-28 Teacher charged over teddy row Sudan
D. 11-28 Airstrike 'kills road crew' Afghanistan
4. 11-28 Deadly bomb attacks Colombo, Sri Lanka
F. 11-28 Bush launches new Mid-East talks Washington
G. 11-28 Iraqi refugees head home from Syria Syria
H. 11-28 Chavez cuts all ties with Colombia Venezuela
I. 11-28 Ex-rock star in Australia cabinet Australia
11-28 Musharraf sworn in for second term Islamabad, Pakistan


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Morning News

Nov.28   Washington Mideast peace talks kick off  Palestinian and Israeli leaders are optimistic they can seal a long-elusive peace agreement by 2009

  Sudan Teacher charged over teddy row  A British teacher Gillian Gibbons, 54, has been charged with insulting religion, inciting hatred and showing contempt for religious beliefs

  Afghanistan Airstrike 'kills road crew'  U.S.-led coalition killed 14 road construction workers in airstrikes in eastern Afghanistan because of mistaken intelligence reports

  Sri Lanka Deadly bomb attacks  At least 16 people have been killed in a bomb explosion in the capital's busy Nugegoda district

Day News

  Washington     Bush launches new Mid-East talks
  US President has renewed his pledge to give the Israeli and Palestinian leaders his full support in reaching a peace deal in 2008

  Syria   Iraqi refugees head home from Syria  Convoys of buses are marking the first time that some of the 1.5 million Iraqis who fled to Syria are returning home as part of an organized plan

  Venezuela     Chavez cuts all ties with Colombia  Venezuelan President said he is cutting all ties with Colombia as long as Alvaro Uribe remains its president

  Australia Ex-rock star in Australia cabinet  Prime minister-elect, Kevin Rudd, has appointed Midnight Oil singer Peter Garrett, as environment minister

Evening News

  Pakistan     Musharraf sworn in for second term
Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  President Musharraf was given the oath of office by newly-installed chief justice at a ceremony in the presidential palace

  Venezuela   Students, police clash
  Hundreds of students clashed with police and national guard in a series of protests days ahead of a referendum tabled by Chavez

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