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11-06 64 dead in suicide attack Northern Afghanistan
2. 11-06 Historic Saudi visit to Vatican Vatican
3. 11-06 Top judge attacks Musharraf rule Pakistan
E. 11-06 Terrorism raids: 20 arrested Northern Italy
5. 11-06 Nuke shutdown begins North Korea
6. 11-06 Sarkozy begins visit Washington
7. 11-06 UN chief and Pakistan envoy clash UN
I. 11-06 Liverpool lash Turks in record win Liverpool, Northern England
9. 11-06 Astronomers discover new planet USA


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Morning News

Nov.6   Northern Afghanistan     64 dead in suicide attack
  At least 6 members of the parliament were killed in the blast in the province of Baghlan in northern Afghanistan
 Later blast death toll reaches 75. Schoolchildren were also among the dead. President Karzai condemned and 'expressed his deep sorrow at the martyrdom of a number of Afghan MPs'

  Vatican Historic Saudi visit to Vatican  King Abdullah has met Benedict XVI - the first audience by the head of the Roman Catholic Church with a Saudi monarch

  Pakistan Top judge attacks Musharraf rule  Pakistan's sacked chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry has called for the people to rise up and restore the constitution

  Northern Italy Terrorism raids: 20 arrested  Police made a string of arrests across Europe, detaining 20 people suspected of involvement in the recruitment of suicide bombers

  North Korea Nuke shutdown begins  A team of U.S. experts has begun disabling nuclear weapons-making facilities

Day News

  Washington     Sarkozy begins visit   French President has begun his first official visit to the United States since coming to power

  UN     UN chief and Pakistan envoy clash  The secretary general has clashed with the Pakistani ambassador over President Musharraf's imposition of emergency rule

  Northern England Liverpool lash Turks in record win  Liverpool kept alive their hopes of reaching the knockout stages with a record-breaking 8-0 thrashing of Besiktas

  USA Astronomers discover new planet  The discovery brings to five the number of planets orbiting the star, 55 Cancri, 41 light years from Earth

  Mauritania Migrants toss dozens of dead overboard  Dozens of migrants trying to reach Europe spent 3 weeks at sea and threw 50 bodies overboard after the vessel lost power

Evening News

  Southern India   Girl separated from twin
  Doctors, who operated on a 2-year-old Lakshmi Tatma who was born with four arms and four legs, say the surgery has been successful.

  Pakistan Police clash with lawyers  Wearing black coats and ties, lawyers clashed with security forces for a 2nd day , protesting Musharraf's declaration of a state of emergency

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