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Human Rights Main Event: 8 dead in school sh...
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11-07 8 dead in school shooting Tuusula, Finland
C. 11-07 Sarkozy applauded by US Congress U.S. Congress
D. 11-07 Bhutto issues ultimatum Pakistan
E. 11-07 Troops kill 30 Tamil Tigers Sri Lanka
5. 11-07 Georgia under state of emergency Georgia
6. 11-07 Gunmen fire on protesters Venezuela
H. 11-07 UN official expelled Darfur
8. 11-07 Bush urges Musharraf on election Washington


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Morning News

Nov.7   Finland   8 dead in school shooting Map of Tuusula Finland
  At least three 8 were killed in a school shooting in southern Finland, in Tuusula, 30 miles north of the capital, Helsinki
  Teen dead who opened fire on classmates

  U.S. Congress     Sarkozy applauded by US Congress
  French President has received a standing ovation from US lawmakers during an address to a joint session

  Pakistan Bhutto issues ultimatum  Former Prime Minister has issued what correspondents say is an ultimatum to President Musharraf to end emergency rule

  Sri Lanka Troops kill 30 Tamil Tigers  A fierce battle between soldiers and rebels raged across the front lines in northern Sri Lanka, killing 30 rebels and six soldiers

Day News

  Georgia     Georgia under state of emergency
  President Saakashvili has declared a 15-day, nationwide state of emergency after police broke up a sixth day of opposition protests

  Venezuela   Gunmen fire on protesters  Gunmen opened fire on students returning from a march in which 80,000 people denounced Chavez's attempts to expand his power

  Darfur UN official expelled  Authorities in South Darfur province have expelled the head of the UN's humanitarian operations, Wael al-Haj Ibrahim

Evening News

  Washington     Bush urges Musharraf on election   US President George has told Pakistani leader to give up his army post and hold elections soon in a 'frank' phone call

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