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11-08 Bhutto house surrounded by police Pakistan
2. 11-08 Bridge collapses in Dubai marina Dubai
D. 11-08 U.N. claims progress in Myanmar Myanmar
E. 11-08 Musharraf sets election deadline Pakistan
F. 11-08 Mourning after fatal school shooting Finland
G. 11-08 Georgia to hold early elections Georgia
7. 11-08 At least 4 killed when U.S. copter crashes Treviso, Northern Italy
I. 11-08 Suu Kyi to cooperate with government Myanmar


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Morning News

Nov.8   Pakistan     Bhutto house surrounded by police
  The house of opposition leader has been surrounded by police, hours before her party is due to hold a mass rally

  Dubai   Bridge collapses in Dubai marina
  A bridge under construction has collapsed, killing 7 workers and injuring 15

  Myanmar     U.N. claims progress in Myanmar  The U.N. said its envoy made progress during his 6-day mission in promoting a dialogue between the government and Aung San Suu Kyi

  Pakistan     Musharraf sets election deadline  Under intense international pressure to restore democracy, Musharraf announced that parliamentary elections will be held by Feb. 15

  Finland Mourning after fatal school shooting  Flags were flying at half-staff and government workers observed 3 minutes of silence a day after a teenager opened fire at his high school

  Georgia Georgia to hold early elections  President Saakashvili says a presidential election will be brought forward to January, after a week of protests

  Northern Italy At least 4 killed when U.S. copter crashes  A Black Hawk military helicopter with 10 people on board crashed in northeastern Italy in Treviso

Day News

  Venezuela     Hostage talks see spark of hope  President Chavez and a top Colombian guerrilla chief gave a glimmer of hope that dozens of hostages held by the leftist rebels would be freed

  Myanmar Suu Kyi to cooperate with government  Pro-democracy leader is 'ready to cooperate' with the government and is committed to pursuing a dialogue with the ruling junta

  Southern China 29 reported dead in mine accident  A gas leak killed 29 coal miners in southwest China, while another 6 are missing and presumed dead

Evening News

  Brazil   Oil discovery rocks Brazil
  A huge offshore discovery could raise Brazil's petroleum reserves by 40% and boost the country into the ranks of the world's major exporters

  U.S. Senate New US attorney general confirmed  The Senate has confirmed Michael Mukasey as the new attorney general despite misgivings from some senators who were unhappy at his answers

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