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Crime Main Event: Ex-PM Bhutto under house a...
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11-09 Ex-PM Bhutto under house arrest Pakistan
C. 11-09 EU far-right bloc faces collapse European Union
3. 11-09 Blast hits minister's home
E. 11-09 U.S. frees nine Iranians in Iraq Iraq
5. 11-09 Ex-NY police head faces charges New York
6. 11-09 Sunni chiefs killed in blast Diyala, Iraq
7. 11-09 Bhutto house arrest order lifted Pakistan
8. 11-09 Chad frees Spaniards in 'kidnap' plot Chad
9. 11-09 Blast death toll reaches 75 Northern Afghanistan


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Morning News

Nov.9   Pakistan     Ex-PM Bhutto under house arrest
  Pakistani opposition leader has been placed under house arrest and her home surrounded by security forces

  European Union EU far-right bloc faces collapse  The European parliament's far-right bloc faces collapse after Romanian MEPs said they would quit over an Italian's 'xenophobic' remarks

  Peshawar Blast hits minister's home  Bhutto was involved in a standoff with security forces as Pakistan suffered its first deadly attack since the declaration of emergency

  Iraq U.S. frees nine Iranians in Iraq  The U.S. military released detainees to the Iraqi government who 'no longer pose a security risk' and have no 'intelligence value'

  New York Ex-NY police head faces charges  Bernard Kerik, the city's top police officer at the time of the 9/11 terror attacks, has given himself up to authorities to face corruption charges

Day News

  Iraq     Sunni chiefs killed in blast
Map of Diyala Iraq
  A bomber detonated his explosives belt in the house of Sheikh Faez al-Obeidi. 5 tribal leaders have been killed in a suicide attack

  Pakistan     Bhutto house arrest order lifted   The opposition leader has been released from house arrest in the capital

  Chad   Chad frees Spaniards in 'kidnap' plot  A judge in Chad freed 3 Spanish flight crew members who had been detained for allegedly plotting to kidnap African children

  Northern Afghanistan Blast death toll reaches 75  Officials determined that 59 schoolchildren and 5 teachers were killed and 93 children and 3 teachers were wounded

Evening News

  Pakistan     State of emergency 'to be lifted'  Pakistan's attorney general Qayyum said that the country's 'state of emergency will end within one month'

  Iran Iran 'must free' woman activist  Seven human rights groups have urged Iran to set aside a prison sentence for women's rights activist Delaram Ali

  New York Row delays Harry Potter lexicon  A publisher has agreed to delay the release of a Potter encyclopaedia after being sued by author JK Rowling

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