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Divided EU meets to debate Kosovo   A number of European countries are expected to recognise Kosovo as an independent state after EU foreign ministers meet in Brussels U.S. recognizes independent Kosovo
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Main Event: Kosovo declares independence
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B. 02-14 Serbia: Kosovo breakaway 'illegal' Serbia
C. 02-14 Putin scorns move to back Kosovo Moscow
D. 02-15 Kosovo vow as independence looms Kosovo
E. 02-15 Green light for EU Kosovo mission European Union
F. 02-16 Celebrations ahead of a independence Pristina, Kosovo
02-17 Kosovo declares independence Kosovo
H. 02-17 Divided EU meets to debate Kosovo Belgium
I. 02-18 Serbia recalls ambassador from US Serbia

Celebrations ahead of a independence   Celebrations have begun in capital Pristina ahead of an expected declaration. Tens of thousands have been dancing in the streets Kosovo declares independence
Serbia: Kosovo breakaway 'illegal'  The government officials said an independent Kosovo would be an illegal 'false state' that will never be recognized by Serbia   Putin scorns move to back Kosovo  Russian President has warned that recognition of Kosovo independence, expected within days, would be immoral and illegal Kosovo vow as independence looms   Prime Minister Thaci has vowed to protect the rights of all minorities as the province prepares to declare independence from Serbia Green light for EU Kosovo mission

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  The EU has approved a civilian police and justice mission to help enforce the rule of law. Kosovo is poised to declare independence
  Kosovo has formally declared its independence from Serbia in a move opposed by Serbia and Russia but backed by many western governments
 Lawmakers in the legislature of the former province approved the declaration of independence at an extraordinary session. It was read out in Albanian, Serbian and English by prime minister Thaci before the approval of state symbols including new national flag and anthem
  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice: The United States officially recognized Kosovo as an independent nation
    Serbia recalls ambassador from US  Serbia has recalled its Washington ambassador in protest at US recognition of Kosovo's independence     Bush salutes Kosovo independence   In a speech in Tanzania, US President has said history will show the independence of Kosovo to be the 'correct move' Feb.19   Fire attacks protest Kosovo breakaway  Angry Serbs torched checkpoints between Serbia and Kosovo and triggered explosions to protest Kosovo's independence declaration Feb.21   Serbs gather for Kosovo protest   Tens of thousands of Serbs are gathering for a rally in Belgrade to protest against declaration of independence over the weekend     US embassy in Belgrade attacked Map of Belgrade Serbia
  Several hundred protesters have attacked the US and other embassies in Belgrade in anger at Western support for Kosovo's independence
 Demonstrators are throwing rocks, breaking windows and setting fires. TV showed someone trying to set fire to the U.S. flag at the embassy
Feb.22   Fresh violence in Kosovo Serb protests  U.N. police were attacked by ethnic Serb demonstrators in northern Kosovo

March 2008 ... more > Top ^
Mar.13   Serbia set for vote on Kosovo split
  President Tadic has dissolved parliament and called early elections for May 11, following disagreements over Kosovo and the EU Mar.17   Kosovo clashes force UN pullout Map of Mitrovica Serbia  UN police in Kosovo have been forced to withdraw from Serbian areas in the divided city of Mitrovica after clashes with Serb demonstrators

April 2008 ... more > Top ^
Apr.11   Del Ponte: Serbs slains for their organs  A human rights group has urged Kosovo authorities to investigate claims that Albanian guerrillas killed dozens of Serbs and sold their organ...

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Jun.14   UN hands over to Kosovo Albanians
  A new constitution has come into force after the territory declared independence from Serbia in February. It's unclear who will oversee Serb areas
Jun.15   Serbs form rival Kosovo assembly  Serbia has defied the entry into force of a new Kosovo constitution by setting up a new parliament for minority Serbs Jun.28   Kosovo Serbs launch new assembly   Serbs in Kosovo are holding the inaugural session of an assembly in defiance of the majority ethnic Albanian government and the UN

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