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  Bush praises Baghdad's Shiite offensive  President Bush called the Iraqi government's move to launch an offensive against Shiite militants in Basra a 'bold decision' Iraq extends militiamen deadline  Iraq's government has extended by 10 days a deadline for Shia militiamen fighting troops in the city of Basra to hand over their weapons Iraqis' Basra fight not going well Map of Basra Iraq
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1. 02-20 Mehdi Army may end cease-fire Southern Iraq
C. 03-08 Iraqis demand protection from crime Basra
03-25 Iraq forces battle Basra militias Basra
4. 03-26 Ultimatum as cease-fire in jeopardy Baghdad
5. 03-27 Death toll climbs as fighting rages on Kut, Iraq
6. 03-28 Iraq extends militiamen deadline Basra
H. 03-28 Iraqis' Basra fight not going well Basra
I. 03-29 U.S. drops bombs in Basra Basra

Ultimatum as cease-fire in jeopardy  The prime minister gave Shiite militants battling security forces in Basra a 72-hour deadline to surrender their weapons Death toll climbs as fighting rages on Map of Kut Iraq
Mehdi Army may end cease-fire  The Mehdi Army cease-fire that has been credited with helping to reduce violence since August could end soon Iraqis demand protection from crime  Thousands of Iraqis have marched on the Basra police headquarters demanding better security for their crime-ridden oil-rich city Iraq forces battle Basra militias Map of Basra Iraq

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  Heavy fighting has been raging as thousands of Iraqi troops battle Shia militias in the southern city. British forces carried out air strikes
 Clashes have spread to Baghdad's Sadr City. 3 Iraqi army brigades were deployed to Basra as back-up for the offensive. Up to 15,000 troops could be involved. The operation is being overseen by PM Maliki, a day after he vowed to 're-impose law'
  42 people were killed in Kut, southeast of Baghdad, the latest casualties in 3 days of clashes between militias and Iraqi security forces
 Heavy fighting has continued for a 3rd day between Shia militias and the Iraqi security forces in southern Iraq
  The Iraqi military push into the city is not going as well as U.S. officials had hoped, despite Bush's high praise for the operation
Mar.29   U.S. drops bombs in Basra   U.S. planes dropped 2 bombs on a suspected Shiite militia stronghold. UK artillery engaged an enemy mortar team Mar.30   Moqtada Sadr calls off militias
  Shia cleric has ordered his fighters off the streets of Basra and other cities to end clashes with security forces.    He said that his movement wanted th...

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Apr.3   U.S. in deadly airstrike on Basra house
Map of Basra Iraq  The airstrike 'against enemy forces' on the western Basra neighborhood of Qibla killed two people and destroyed a house

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Jun.14   Troops pour into city of Amara   Iraqi troops and police backed by US forces have been sent to Amara in an operation against Shia gunmen. Iraqi tanks are patrolling streets

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Jul.22   UK troops to start Iraq withdrawal by 2009  British Prime Minister Brown said his country will withdraw some of its 4,100 troops stationed in Iraq by the beginning of next year

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Sep.17   7 U.S. soldiers die in copter crash
  The soldiers were riding in a CH-47 Chinook about 100 kilometers west of Basra when the helicopter went down

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Dec.23   Soldiers seize apparently stolen relics
  Iraqi soldiers have seized 228 stolen antiquities and arrested 7 members of a gang suspected of trafficking in such items

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