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Tibet unrest spreads beyond Lhasa   Protests in Tibet over Beijing's rule have spread to neighbouring parts, after days of demonstrations and violence in Tibet's main city Troops 'did not shoot Tibetans'   UN calls for restraint in Tibet  Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called on both Chinese forces and demonstrators to show restraint after days of rioting   China premier attacks Dalai Lama  Wen Jiabao, speaking at the close of parliament, has accused the Dalai Lama of masterminding recent violence in Tibet's main city, Lhasa   Dalai Lama 'to resign' if violence worsens   The Dalai Lama will step down as leader of Tibet's government-in-exile if violence by protesters in the region worsens Protesters 'surrender'   China ready to talk to Dalai Lama  UK prime minister Brown: Premier Jiabao has pledged he is ready to talk if Dalai Lama renounces violence and demands for independence China announces arrests in Tibet Dalai Lama 'powerless' to stop protests  Tibet's spiritual leader said he was powerless to stop anti-Chinese violence Police 'shot at Tibet protesters'   Xinhua news agency: Chinese police opened fire and wounded four protesters 'in self-defence' last Sunday in an area of Sichuan province China locks down restive regions Map of Lhasa China  Chinese authorities are continuing to tighten security following days of protests by Tibetans in Lhasa, and in surrounding provinces   House speaker blasts China over Tibet  Nancy Pelosi criticized China for its crackdown on anti-government protesters and called on 'freedom-loving people' worldwide to denounce Ch... China posts wanted list for Tibet China threatens Tibetians; West protests  China's threats to crush the uprisings were followed by protests in Britain and India; Europe raised the prospect of boycotting the Olympics China puts out its Tibet version Protest as Olympic torch is lit
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Human Rights Main Event: Riots, shots as ant...
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B. 03-13 China admits Tibet monk protests Lhasa, Tibet
03-14 Riots, shots as anti-China unrest grows Lhasa, Tibet
D. 03-14 Deaths reported in protests Lhasa, Tibet
E. 03-14 China sets protest deadline Tibet
5. 03-15 Dalai Lama's Tibet bloodshed fear Tibet
6. 03-16 'Eighty killed' in unrest Tibet
7. 03-16 Troops 'did not shoot Tibetans' Lhasa, Tibet

Deaths reported in protests Map of Lhasa China  Clashes between protesters and security forces in Lhasa have left at least two people dead China sets protest deadline   Dalai Lama's Tibet bloodshed fear   The Dalai Lama has said he fears there will be more deaths in Tibet unless Beijing changes its policies towards the territory 'Eighty killed' in unrest
Tibet exiles protest Beijing Olympics China admits Tibet monk protests Riots, shots as anti-China unrest grows Map of Lhasa China

March 2008 ... more > Top ^
  Opponents of Chinese rule set fire to vehicles and shops as tear gas filled the streets and gunfire rang out in the capital, Lhasa
 Rallies have continued all week in the largest protests against Beijing's rule in 20 years. Dalai Lama, released a statement expressing deep concern. He called on the Chinese leadership to stop using force and begin dialogue with the Tibetan people
  Indian-based officials said the figure was confirmed by several sources, even though China put the death toll at 10
  A protester managed to breach the tight security during the torch lighting ceremony. He unfurled a banner, but was apprehended
Mar.25 Protesters claim death toll now 140 Mar.26 China lets foreign journalists visit Tibet     Bush calls Hu to urge Tibet talks   US President has urged China to begin dialogue with Tibet's spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama   Monks disrupt tour of journalists Map of Lhasa China  A group of monks disrupted a government-managed tour by foreign reporters to Tibet's capital , screaming there was no religious freedom Mar.28 Dalai Lama pleads for peaceful dialogue Foreign diplomats on visit Mar.30 Tibet speaker: Dalai Lama not behind riots

April 2008 ... more > Top ^
Apr.7 IOC president concerned about Tibet
Apr.8 Protests ahead of torch relay Apr.10 Dalai Lama: Don't tell protesters to shut up Apr.23   More arrests as Australia hosts torch Map of Canberra Australia
  5 people were arrested as the Olympic torch made its way through Canberra in a relay that was more orderly than in other countries.    There have been scuffles between pro-Tibet protest...
Apr.29 17 sentenced for alleged roles in riots

May 2008 ... more > Top ^
May.3   Dalai Lama envoys to meet China officials   The talks will take place in Shenzhen and will last up to three hours Everest torch relay delayed by snow
May.5 Weather threatens Everest torch ascent May.7 Everest camps repaired for torch ascent   Olympic flame lit on Everest peak
  Chinese climbers bearing the flame have reached the summit. The climbers lighting the torch before taking the final steps up to the summit
May.21 Dalai Lama sees change in China

June 2008 ... more > Top ^
Jun.18 Amnesty: Tibet protesters missing
Jun.20   Tibet torch relay ends peacefully  The Olympic torch made its way without trouble through Tibet's sealed-off capital, site of a March crackdown on rioting Jun.26 China rebuked by Olympic Committee

August 2008 ... more > Top ^
Aug.24     China deports US Tibet protesters  China has deported 8 Americans detained in Beijing last week for demonstrating during the Olympic Games Aug.31   Dalai Lama due to leave hospital  The Dalai Lama, 73, will leave hospital after undergoing tests for abdominal discomfort. He canceled planned trips to Mexico

October 2008 ... more > Top ^
Oct.7 Scores homeless after quakes
Oct.31 Seven people are killed in snowstorm

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