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Crisis talks over 'toxic debt' rescue plan Paulson eyes rescue plan backing Congress cool after bail-out plea  Lawmakers have expressed strong scepticism about a bail-out of the banking system, following a 5-hour Senate hearing on the rescue plan US edges closer to bail-out deal 'Great progress' in US bail-out  Congressional leaders have reached the broad outline of a rescue plan for the US financial system; but details remain to be worked out Buffett: Bail out or face meltdown US lawmakers publish rescue deal  The move, backed by both Republicans and Democratics, allows the Treasury to spend up to $700bn buying bad debts from ailing banks Wall Street bail-out goes to vote   The House of Representatives is debating ahead of a vote on a $700bn plan to bail out Wall Street   $700 billion bailout package failed
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Senate approves housing bill  The Senate has approved a $300bn rescue fund designed to prop up battered housing market. It may also be used to bail out the mortgage giant... Iraq's projected $80b surplus stirs anger
Deal reached on US economic plan  The White House and the Democrats in Congress have agreed a $150bn stimulus package that will offer tax rebates to boost growth   Bush addresses US economy fears  President George W Bush has urged Americans to have confidence in the economy in the long-term, as he gives his final State of the Union address R. Gates: Afghanistan may split up NATO Congress approves US economy plan Baseball star Clemens denies doping Air tanker deal provokes US row McCain arrives in Baghdad   House speaker blasts China over Tibet  Nancy Pelosi criticized China for its crackdown on anti-government protesters and called on 'freedom-loving people' worldwide to denounce Ch... Democrat Pelosi urges end to race   Petraeus: US 'must suspend' withdrawal   The top US military leader in Iraq Gen. Petraeus has recommended a suspension of troop withdrawals after July to protect gains in Iraq   U.S. to cite N. Korea-Syria nuclear link  U.S. intelligence officials will tell members of Congress that N. Korea was helping Syria build a nuclear facility Speaker Pelosi leads delegation   Gates: U.S. 'stuck' in Guantanamo  Defense Secretary told a Senate subcommittee that Efforts to close the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are at 'a standstill' Interrogation debate detailed Ashcroft defends waterboarding US lawmakers pass housing rescue

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  The House of Representatives has passed a massive housing rescue bill that could help struggling homeowners get cheaper loans

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  U.S. auditors: Iraq is raking in more money from oil exports than it is spending, amassing a projected 4-year budget surplus of up to $80 billion

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  Democrats and Republicans immediately blamed each other for the failure of the bailout package in the House.    The package failed in the House by a vote of 228-20. It was unclear in what form the congressional leadershi...

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Oct.1   Senate urged to back crisis bill  Democratic and Republican Senate leaders have appealed for a new version of a $700bn Wall Street bail-out to be approved in a key vote   Senate backs new bail-out bill
  The Senate, 74 to 25, has approved a new version of a $700bn rescue plan for the troubled US financial system US approves Indian nuclear deal Oct.3   House backs $700bn bail-out plan
  The House of Representatives has passed by 263-171 vote a government plan to rescue the US financial sector
 The package is to buy the bad debts of failing financial institutions on Wall Street. The vote was the second in a week, following its shock rejection of an earlier version. Bush praised lawmakers for their spirit of co-operation before signing the bill into law
Oct.10 Bush urged to meet with G8 over economy

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Nov.4     Dems retains control of House of Reps  The Democratic Party picks up at least five seats in the Senate Nov.18   US car firms ask for $25bn aid
  The bosses of Ford, GM and Chrysler, have asked Congress for a $25bn bail-out and warned of broader risks to the US economy
 The United Auto Workers is willing to make key concessions to help the Detroit Three carmakers secure vital aid US House backs car industry plan White House cool on car bail-out US car bail-out fails in Senate
Nov.20   No agreement for US car bail-out  Politicians have told the crisis-hit 'Big 3' carmakers to come up with their own viable recovery plan if they want a $25bn government rescue Nov.23     Democrats eye huge economic boost  Senior Democrats in the Congress are considering backing a huge economic stimulus package to try and steer the country clear of recession

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Dec.2 US carmakers publish rescue plans Republican wins key Senate race Dec.4 Carmakers 'affect entire economy' US carmakers' plea under scrutiny Dec.10   US House backs car industry plan
  The House of Representatives has approved a $15bn bail-out of the car industry after the White House and Democrats reached an agreement Dec.11   US car bail-out fails in Senate  A $14bn bail-out package for the beleaguered US car industry has died after failing to get enough support in a procedural vote Dec.30 Obama rejects Senate replacement

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01-24 Deal reached on US economic plan U.S. Congress
2. 01-28 Bush addresses US economy fears U.S. Congress
D. 02-06 R. Gates: Afghanistan may split up NATO U.S. Congress
4. 02-07 Congress approves US economy plan House of Representatives
F. 02-13 Baseball star Clemens denies doping House of Representatives
G. 02-29 Air tanker deal provokes US row U.S. Congress
H. 03-21 House speaker blasts China over Tibet House of Representatives
I. 03-31 Democrat Pelosi urges end to race USA

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