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Crime Main Event: US 'to charge six 9/11 sus...
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02-11 US 'to charge six 9/11 suspects' Pentagon, Washington
2. 02-11 Gang robs Zurich of top paintings Zurich, Switzerland
D. 02-11 Russian bomber buzzes U.S. carrier Washington
4. 02-11 U.S. official leaked secrets to China Washington
F. 02-11 Columbus docks with space station European Union
6. 02-11 6 Gitmo detainees to face trial for 9/11 Guantanamo
H. 02-11 Talks head to secret site Kenya
I. 02-11 Chad demands Darfur refugees' removal Chad
J. 02-11 East Timor under emergency order East Timor


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Morning News

Feb.11   Washington   US 'to charge six 9/11 suspects' Map of Pentagon USA
  The Pentagon is planning to charge 6 Guantanamo Bay prisoners with involvement in the September 11 attacks in the US

  Switzerland Gang robs Zurich of top paintings  An armed gang has stolen 4 paintings worth some $160m by the Cezanne, Degas, Van Gogh and Monet from a museum

Day News

  Washington   Russian bomber buzzes U.S. carrier  American fighter jets intercepted 2 Russian bombers, one of which buzzed a U.S. aircraft carrier in the western Pacific

  Washington   U.S. official leaked secrets to China   A Defense Department weapons system analyst and 3 natives of China have been arrested and charged in 2 espionage-related cases

  European Union Columbus docks with space station  Europe's space laboratory has been unloaded from the space shuttle Atlantis and docked with the International Space Station

Evening News

  Guantanamo   6 Gitmo detainees to face trial for 9/11
  Six men being held at Guantanamo Bay will go before military commissions and could face the death penalty

  Kenya Talks head to secret site  Negotiators trying to resolve a political crisis plan to move to an undisclosed location and make no public statements for the next few days

  Chad Chad demands Darfur refugees' removal  Prime minister blamed the influx of some 300,000 refugees from the neighboring region for his country's worsening tensions with Sudan

  East Timor East Timor under emergency order  Acting leader Vicente Gutterres has banned rallies and appealed for calm, a day after President Ramos-Horta was shot in an attack by rebel soldiers

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