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Crime Main Event: Blast kills top Hezbollah ...
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02-13 Blast kills top Hezbollah commander Syria
C. 02-13 Baseball star Clemens denies doping House of Representatives
D. 02-13 Astana snubbed by Tour de France Paris
E. 02-13 Parliament dissolved Malaysia
F. 02-13 Newspapers reprint Mohammed cartoon Denmark
G. 02-13 Mugabe faces double challenge Zimbabwe
H. 02-13 US hails Hezbollah leader's death Washington
I. 02-13 UK royal defends U.S. colonialism advice US Georgia
9. 02-13 German fears over al Qaeda actvity Germany


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Morning News

Feb.13   Syria     Blast kills top Hezbollah commander
  Imad Mughniyeh, suspected in some of the deadliest terrorist attacks of the last 25 years, has been killed in Syria
 Hezbollah blamed Israel for assassinating him. Mughniyeh had been in hiding for years and was high on US and Israeli wanted lists

  House of Representatives   Baseball star Clemens denies doping  Roger Clemens told a House panel that he resents allegations that he used performance-enhancing drugs

  Paris Astana snubbed by Tour de France  Reigning Tour de France champion Contador will be unable to defend his title after organizers excluded his new team from competing

  Malaysia Parliament dissolved  King Sultan Mizan Zainal Abi dissolved parliament to clear the way for new elections

  Denmark Newspapers reprint Mohammed cartoon  Newspapers across Europe reprinted the controversial cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed that sparked worldwide protests 2 years ago

Day News

  Zimbabwe     Mugabe faces double challenge  The main opposition group will participate in presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for March

  Washington     US hails Hezbollah leader's death   The state department welcomes the killing of Mughniyeh implicated in bomb attacks and a wave of hostage-taking in Lebanon in the 1980s

  US Georgia UK royal defends U.S. colonialism advice  Prince Andrew was suggesting the U.S. might have been better off had its leaders learned from the British experience before invading Iraq

  Germany German fears over al Qaeda actvity  Al Qaeda has begun an online propaganda campaign, targeting German-speaking Muslims with of terror-related content

Evening News

  Beirut     Crowds mass for memorials   Thousands of people are gathering to mark three years since the assassination of former PM Rafik Hariri

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