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1. 02-15 Deutsche Postbank posts 39% loss Berlin
C. 02-15 Kenyans to review disputed poll Kenya
D. 02-15 Musharraf warns against protests Pakistan
4. 02-15 Bosses 'condoned' SocGen trader Paris
F. 02-15 Kosovo vow as independence looms Kosovo
6. 02-15 First order for pet dog cloning South Korea
02-15 Green light for EU Kosovo mission European Union
I. 02-15 Blast kills senior Islamic Jihad militant Gaza
J. 02-15 Bush begins Africa trip Benin


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Morning News

Feb.15   Berlin   Deutsche Postbank posts 39% loss  The bank saw profit drop in the 4th quarter over the previous year, but the German bank said it escaped the worst of the subprime fallout

  Kenya   Kenyans to review disputed poll  Kofi Annan: rival political parties have agreed to set up an independent panel to review last year's elections

  Pakistan     Musharraf warns against protests  President Pervez Musharraf warned that he would not tolerate protests after next week's elections

  Paris Bosses 'condoned' SocGen trader  A lawyer for Jerome Kerviel accused of massive fraud said bank bosses 'condoned' his client's trades, contradicting bank statements

  Kosovo Kosovo vow as independence looms  Prime Minister Thaci has vowed to protect the rights of all minorities as the province prepares to declare independence from Serbia

  South Korea First order for pet dog cloning  RNL Bio has taken its first order for the cloning of a pet dog from a woman from the U.S. that wants her dead pitbull terrier re-created

Day News

  European Union   Green light for EU Kosovo mission
  The EU has approved a civilian police and justice mission to help enforce the rule of law. Kosovo is poised to declare independence

  Gaza Blast kills senior Islamic Jihad militant  Ayman Fayed, known as Abu Abdallah, is among at least 7 people killed in an explosion in the Bureij refugee camp, which injured more than 40

Evening News

  Benin     Bush begins Africa trip
  US President has arrived in the West African nation, at the start of his first presidential tour of Africa since 2003

  Malaysia   Police break up protest by ethnic Indians Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia  Malaysian security forces have used tear gas and water cannon to break up a protest by ethnic Indians in Kuala Lumpur

  Chicago Adventurer Fossett declared dead  Millionaire businessman and adventurer, been missing for five months, has been declared legally dead by a court

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