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B. 02-17 President ousted in poll Cyprus
C. 02-17 Bush signs aid deal with Tanzania Tanzania
02-17 Kosovo declares independence Kosovo
4. 02-17 Investigator: Bhutto hit cost $7,000 Pakistan
F. 02-17 Pakistan tense ahead of key vote Pakistan
6. 02-17 Wanted police chief dies Guatemala
H. 02-17 Newman wins Daytona Florida
I. 02-17 US orders massive recall of beef Southern California
J. 02-17 Divided EU meets to debate Kosovo Belgium


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Morning News

Feb.17   Cyprus   President ousted in poll
  The MEP Kasoulides won the poll by just 980 vote. The closest-ever election in southern Cyrus has ended Papadopoulos's five years in power

  Tanzania     Bush signs aid deal with Tanzania  President Bush gave Tanzania's president a pair of Shaquille O'Neal's shoes and millions of dollars to help combat disease and poverty

  Kosovo   Kosovo declares independence
  Kosovo has formally declared its independence from Serbia in a move opposed by Serbia and Russia but backed by many western governments
 Lawmakers in the legislature of the former province approved the declaration of independence at an extraordinary session. It was read out in Albanian, Serbian and English by prime minister Thaci before the approval of state symbols including new national flag and anthem

Day News

  Pakistan Investigator: Bhutto hit cost $7,000  Pakistani Taliban commander Mehsud paid out more than $7,000, including money to purchase suicide jackets, for the assassination

  Pakistan Pakistan tense ahead of key vote  Security is high as voters gear up for crucial parliamentary elections overshadowed by violence and fears of rigging

Evening News

  Guatemala Wanted police chief dies  German Chupina, a former Guatemalan police director wanted in Spain for crimes against humanity, died of health problems

  Florida Newman wins Daytona  Ryan Newman says he got a 'push from heaven' on the final lap from teammate Busch, who finished second

  Southern California US orders massive recall of beef  The Department of Agriculture has ordered the recall of 143m lb of beef from a slaughterhouse, the subject of an animal-abuse investigation

  Belgium Divided EU meets to debate Kosovo  A number of European countries are expected to recognise Kosovo as an independent state after EU foreign ministers meet in Brussels

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