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1. 02-18 Al Fayed: Diana's death was 'hot murder' London
C. 02-18 More raids in tax fraud scandal Hamburg
3. 02-18 Bush promotes health solution in Africa Tanzania
E. 02-18 Cyclone besieges Madagascar Madagascar
5. 02-18 Serbia recalls ambassador from US Serbia
G. 02-18 Al Qaeda in Iraq killing former allies Iraq
02-18 Musharraf party 'lagging in poll' Pakistan
8. 02-18 Bush salutes Kosovo independence Tanzania


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Morning News

Feb.18   Washington   U.S. recognizes independent Kosovo
  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice: The United States officially recognized Kosovo as an independent nation

  London   Al Fayed: Diana's death was 'hot murder'   The father of Diana's boyfriend has testified for the first time at the inquest into their deaths, calling the car crash in which they died 'hot murder'

  Hamburg More raids in tax fraud scandal  Authorities investigating alleged tax evasion by Germans stashing money abroad mounted more raids in and around Munich and in Hamburg

  Tanzania Bush promotes health solution in Africa  President Bush focused on a low-tech way to save the lives of African children as he and first lady Laura Bush toured a Tanzanian clinic

  Madagascar Cyclone besieges Madagascar  A cyclone with sustained winds of 69 mph is knocking out power in some areas and making damage assessment difficult

Day News

  Serbia     Serbia recalls ambassador from US  Serbia has recalled its Washington ambassador in protest at US recognition of Kosovo's independence

  Iraq     Al Qaeda in Iraq killing former allies  Video shows al Qaeda firing squad executing one-time allies, fellow Sunni extremists, who were not loyal enough to the terror organization

Evening News

  Pakistan     Musharraf party 'lagging in poll'
  The opposition parties are well ahead in the country's elections. The ruling PML-Q would be consigned to the opposition if results were confirmed
 Supporters of opposition parties including Sharif's PML-N and the PPP of the late Bhutto have been celebrating in the streets

  Tanzania Bush salutes Kosovo independence  In a speech in Tanzania, US President has said history will show the independence of Kosovo to be the 'correct move'

  Colombia Soldiers convicted of killing drug cops  A lieutenant colonel and 14 soldiers were convicted of murdering 10 elite counternarcotics police agents in an ambush

  China Inflation hits 11-year high  Chinese rising price pressures were exaggerated by fierce snow storms. Soaring food prices were largely blamed

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