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Crime Main Event: Castro resigns as president
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02-19 Castro resigns as president Cuba
C. 02-19 Bhutto party in coalition offer Pakistan
3. 02-19 Fire attacks protest Kosovo breakaway Kosovo
4. 02-19 Marine suspected of rape Okinawa, Japan
F. 02-19 Obama wins Wisconsin primary poll Wisconsin
G. 02-19 US urges reform as Castro quits Washington
H. 02-19 Late Liverpool goals sink 10-man Inter Liverpool, Northern England
I. 02-19 Iraq to round up homeless, mentally ill Baghdad
J. 02-19 Musharraf rules out resignation Pakistan


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Morning News

Feb.19   Cuba     Castro resigns as president
  Fidel Castro announced his resignation as president and commander in chief of the military , according to a letter published in the Granma
 The resignation ends nearly a half-century of iron-fisted rule that frustrated 10 U.S. presidents. Bush said Castro's decision ought to spark 'a democratic transition'. John Negroponte added that the 1962 embargo would probably not be lifted 'any time soon'

  Pakistan   Bhutto party in coalition offer   The party of late former PM Bhutto, the biggest winner in election, says it is ready to form a coalition with the PML-N party

  Kosovo   Fire attacks protest Kosovo breakaway  Angry Serbs torched checkpoints between Serbia and Kosovo and triggered explosions to protest Kosovo's independence declaration

Day News

  Japan   Marine suspected of rape
Map of Okinawa Japan
  The U.S. military imposed tight restrictions on all personnel in Okinawa amid a furor over the arrest of Staff Sgt. Tyrone Luther Hadnott, 38
 Japanese authorities released an American Marine accused of raping a teenager in Okinawa after the girl dropped the allegations

  Wisconsin     Obama wins Wisconsin primary poll
Map of Wisconsin
  Barack Obama is projected to take a primary vote in Wisconsin, a blow to Hillary Clinton. McCain is projected to win for the Republicans

  Washington US urges reform as Castro quits  Bush has called on Cuba to prepare for free elections after Fidel's announcement that he is retiring on health grounds

  Northern England Late Liverpool goals sink 10-man Inter  Liverpool has a wonderful chance of reaching the quarterfinals of the Champions League, after beating Inter 2-0 in their first leg last 16 match

  Baghdad Iraq to round up homeless, mentally ill  Iraqi authorities plan to round up homeless and mentally ill residents to prevent them from becoming used as suicide bombers

Evening News

  Pakistan Musharraf rules out resignation  President Musharraf says he has no plans to resign, despite a sweeping victory by the opposition in the country's parliamentary elections

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