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War & Army Main Event: Rebels move in on Cha...
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02-02 Rebels move in on Chad capital N'Djamena, Chad
2. 02-02 Iraq set for new offensive in Mosul Mosul
D. 02-02 Top Colombia drug lord killed Merida, Venezuela
E. 02-02 Wales stun England in 6 Nations opener Twickenham, London
F. 02-02 Turks protest over headscarf plan Ankara, Turkey
G. 02-02 Sarkozy and Bruni marry Paris
H. 02-02 Five women killed in shopping center Chicago
I. 02-02 Voters choosing president Serbia
9. 02-02 Rebels 'to resume offensive' Chad


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Morning News

Feb.2   Chad   Rebels move in on Chad capital Map of N%27Djamena Chad
  Ambassador to the U.S. has insisted that an uprising is being quashed by government troops amid reports that 400 rebels had entered the city
 Rebels had surrounded the palace. The rebels began their advance on N'Djamena from near border with Sudan earlier this week. Both the Chad and Sudan support rebels in each others' territory

  Mosul   Iraq set for new offensive in Mosul Map of Mosul Iraq  Iraqi political and military leaders and U.S. military commanders have traveled to Mosul ahead of a planned offensive on al Qaeda

  Venezuela Top Colombia drug lord killed  A man shot to death in the Andean city of Merida is Wilber Varela, one of Colombia's most-wanted drug lords

  London Wales stun England in 6 Nations opener  Wales fought back from 10 points down to stun World Cup finalists 26-19 and win at Twickenham for the first time in 20 years

  Turkey Turks protest over headscarf plan  Thousands have rallied in Ankara to protest against a government plan to allow women to wear the Islamic headscarf in universities

  Paris Sarkozy and Bruni marry  President Nicolas Sarkozy has married Carla Bruni, his girlfriend, former model-turned-singer

Day News

  Chicago Five women killed in shopping center  The officers found the victims inside a Lane Bryant clothing store after receiving an emergency call. A suspect had fled the scene

Evening News

  Serbia     Voters choosing president   Voting has begun in run-off presidential election, with the two candidates level in opinion polls

  Chad Rebels 'to resume offensive'  Rebels have said they will resume their assault on N'Djamena after seizing large parts of the capital

  London Probe into police 'bugging' of MP  Justice Secretary Jack Straw has ordered an inquiry into claims police bugged Sadiq Khan, a Muslim Labour MP as he visited a friend in jail

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