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02-22 Turkish troops enter Iraq Northern Iraq
2. 02-22 Al-Sadr extends Mehdi Army cease-fire Baghdad
3. 02-22 Iran 'nuclear questions remain' Iran
E. 02-22 No survivors in plane crash Venezuela
5. 02-22 Opposition threatens mass protests Kenya
6. 02-22 US to evacuate staff from Serbia Serbia
H. 02-22 Yellow fever outbreak kills 7 Paraguay
I. 02-22 'Surge' produces some results Iraq
J. 02-22 'Dozens dead' in Turkish assault Northern Iraq


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Morning News

Feb.22   Northern Iraq     Turkish troops enter Iraq
  Turkish ground forces have crossed the border into northern Iraq to target Kurdish rebels to be sheltering there
 The raid began after an air and artillery bombardment

  Baghdad   Al-Sadr extends Mehdi Army cease-fire
  Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has extended for 6 months the cease-fire he imposed last summer on his Mehdi Army militia

  Iran     Iran 'nuclear questions remain'
  IAEA: Iran has supplied new data about its nuclear program but not enough to prove it is not building a bomb

  Venezuela   No survivors in plane crash  Rescue teams found the wreckage of a plane that crashed in the mountains, but none of the 46 people aboard survived

  Kenya Opposition threatens mass protests  Opposition party says it will embark on a 'mass civil disobedience campaign' if its demands aren't met in the intensive negotiations

  Serbia US to evacuate staff from Serbia  The embassy in Serbia has ordered the temporary evacuation of non-essential staff after protesters attacked the building

  Paraguay Yellow fever outbreak kills 7  The World Health Organization plans to send 2 million vaccines after yellow fever emerged there for the first time in 34 years

Day News

  Iraq   'Surge' produces some results
  A year after Bush ordered 30,000 additional U.S. troops, American and Iraqi officials said there has been a drop in violence

  Northern Iraq     'Dozens dead' in Turkish assault   Turkey's army says its ground offensive has left five soldiers and dozens of Kurdish rebels dead

  Kosovo Fresh violence in Kosovo Serb protests  U.N. police were attacked by ethnic Serb demonstrators in northern Kosovo

  Washington US will back new Iran sanctions  Condoleezza Rice: there is a 'very strong case' for a third round of sanctions on Iran over its disputed nuclear program

  Argentina Latin America nuclear pact signed  Argentina and Brazil have agreed to build a joint nuclear reactor to address looming energy shortages, to extend defence and energy projects

Evening News

  Guam   B-2 stealth bomber crashed
Map of Guam
  One of the world's most expensive military aircraft has crashed on the Pacific island shortly after taking off. Both pilots ejected and survived

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