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Politics Main Event: PKK 'shoots down Turkis...
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B. 02-23 Turkey: 35 Kurd rebels killed Northern Iraq
C. 02-23 Serbia: U.S. to blame for violence Serbia
3. 02-23 Mugabe to launch sixth term bid Zimbabwe
4. 02-23 Men arrested for 'flirting' Mecca
F. 02-23 Shells hit Green Zone Baghdad
6. 02-23 Legal blow for senator Nigeria
02-23 PKK 'shoots down Turkish chopper' Northern Iraq
8. 02-23 Ahm-jad: Nations jealous of nuke progress Iran


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Morning News

Feb.23   Northern Iraq   Turkey: 35 Kurd rebels killed   At least 35 Kurdish rebels have been killed in fighting as the offensive against the rebels came under criticism from Baghdad

  Serbia     Serbia: U.S. to blame for violence  Serbian prosecutors said they were hunting rioters who targeted the U.S. Embassy while a senior minister blamed Washington for the violence

  USA     Clinton denounces Obama tactics  US presidential hopeful has made her fiercest denunciation so far of Barack Obama, her rival for the Democratic Party nomination

  Zimbabwe Mugabe to launch sixth term bid  The President is expected to launch his campaign for a 6th term in power at celebrations marking his 84th birthday

  Mecca Men arrested for 'flirting'  Prosecutors have begun investigating 57 young men who were arrested for flirting with girls at shopping centers in Mecca

  Baghdad Shells hit Green Zone  Rockets or mortars hit the U.S.-protected Zone, the day after Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr ordered his Mehdi Army to extend its cease-fire

Day News

  Nigeria Legal blow for senator  A tribunal has annulled the election of the president of the senate, David Mark, who was chosen for Benue state in disputed elections

Evening News

  Northern Iraq     PKK 'shoots down Turkish chopper'
  Kurdish rebels say they have shot down a Cobra attack helicopter during clashes

  Iran     Ahm-jad: Nations jealous of nuke progress  The president of Iran vowed that his country will not be held back from developing its nuclear program

  New York   W. Klitschko wins unification bout  Klitschko barely took a punch while winning a unanimous decision, defending his IBF title and claiming Ibragimov's WBO belt

  London Airline in first biofuel flight  The Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Amsterdam, will not have any passengers on board

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