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War & Army Main Event: Turks claim 41 rebels...
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B. 02-25 Wheelchair bomb kills police chief Samarra, Sunni Triangle
C. 02-25 UN warns over food aid rationing UN
D. 02-25 Russia pledges support to Serbia Serbia
4. 02-25 Bomber kills top army medic Rawalpindi
F. 02-25 S Africa to allow elephant cull South Africa
02-25 Turks claim 41 rebels killed Northern Iraq
H. 02-25 Robed Obama picture ignites row USA
8. 02-25 Iran weapons project 'continued' UN
9. 02-25 About 8,000 'surge' troops will remain Iraq


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Morning News

Feb.25   Sunni Triangle   Wheelchair bomb kills police chief Map of Samarra Iraq  A man in a wheelchair blew himself in a police station, killing 3 National Police officers, including a commander

  UN   UN warns over food aid rationing   The director of the World Food Program has said it is considering plans to ration food aid because of rising prices and a shortage of funds

  Serbia Russia pledges support to Serbia  Medvedev, the man tipped to become the next Russian president has vowed his country will 'stick to' its support in opposing Kosovo's independence

  Rawalpindi Bomber kills top army medic  A suicide bomber struck military headquarter, killing 8 people, including the army's top ranking medical officer Lt. Gen. Mushtaq Ahmed Baig

  South Africa S Africa to allow elephant cull  The government will allow elephants to be culled for the first time in 13 years. It's to control elephant numbers

Day News

  Northern Iraq     Turks claim 41 rebels killed
  2 military personnel died in a further day of fighting. The White House is in 'constant dialogue' with Iraq and Turkey about the operation

  USA     Robed Obama picture ignites row  H. Clinton and Obama have traded accusations over a photo of Obama, shows Mr Obama wearing African dress, circulating on the internet

  UN Iran weapons project 'continued'  IAEA has been told Iran may have continued secret work on nuclear weapons after 2003, the date US intelligence suggested the work ceased

  Iraq About 8,000 'surge' troops will remain  Pentagon: About 8,000 of the 30,000 'surge' troops sent to Iraq in 2007 will not go home as planned this summer. Support troops will still be needed

Evening News

  Kenya     Annan threatens to leave talks  Former U.N. chief has threatened to leave as mediator in the tense power-sharing talks if a quick agreement is not reached

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