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War & Army Main Event: Harry withdrawn from ...
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02-29 Harry withdrawn from Afghanistan Afghanistan
2. 02-29 Turkish troops pull out of Iraq Northern Iraq
D. 02-29 Iraq approves execution of 'Chemical Ali' Baghdad
E. 02-29 Beijing opens jumbo air terminal Beijing
5. 02-29 Israel warns of invasion of Gaza Jerusalem
6. 02-29 Turkey urges PKK to end struggle Turkey
H. 02-29 30 killed in funeral blast Swat, NW Pakistan
I. 02-29 Two more sorry for 'urine' video South Africa


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Morning News

Feb.29   Afghanistan   Harry withdrawn from Afghanistan
  23-year-old Prince Harry is to be withdrawn from Afghanistan after news of his secret deployment leaked out

  Northern Iraq     Turkish troops pull out of Iraq
  Turkey says its troops have been withdrawn after an offensive against Kurdish PKK rebels

  Baghdad   Iraq approves execution of 'Chemical Ali'  The cousin of Ali Hassan al-Majeed will be executed for his role in a chemical weapons attack on Iraqi Kurds in the 1980s

  Beijing Beijing opens jumbo air terminal  Beijing opened a gargantuan glass-and-steel creation built to accommodate a surge in visitors for the Summer Olympics

  Jerusalem Israel warns of invasion of Gaza  The deputy defence minister has said it will be left with 'no choice', if Palestinian militants step up rocket attack

Day News

  USA   Boeing loses out in $40bn US deal
  The owner of Airbus, EADS, and Northrop Grumman have won a contract to build refuelling aircraft for the US Air Force

  Turkey     Turkey urges PKK to end struggle   Prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on Kurdish rebels to lay down their arms and embrace democracy

  NW Pakistan   30 killed in funeral blast Map of Swat Pakistan  An explosion at the funeral of a district police officer killed earlier in the day killed 30 people and injured between 50 and 55

  South Africa Two more sorry for 'urine' video  2 more white students who were seen in a video mocking black housekeepers and serving them stew seemingly laced with urine apologized

  Paris Body of model Katoucha found in Seine  Katoucha Niane was one of the first African women to attain international stardom as a model and a vocal opponent of female genital mutilatio

Evening News

  U.S. Congress   Air tanker deal provokes US row   Boeing's loss of a $40bn contract to build a new in-flight refuelling aircraft for the US military has drawn protests from lawmakers

  Guatemala   Bus crash kills 57 Map of Guatemala City Guatemala  A double decker bus careened off a major highway and crashed into a ditch near Guatemala City, killing at least 57 and injuring another 40

  Sydney Gay pride event turns 30  Gay and lesbian Mardi Gras festival is celebrating its 30th anniversary, due to culminate with the annual parade

  Gaza Ten dead in Israeli raids  Israeli forces have carried out further attacks on the Strip, killing at least 10 Palestinians and injuring 20

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