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War & Army Main Event: Rebels withdraw from ...
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02-04 Rebels withdraw from capital Chad
C. 02-04 Google troubled by Microsoft move San Francisco Bay Area
D. 02-04 EU offers closer ties to Serbia European Union
E. 02-04 Suicide blast at shopping center kills 1 Dimona, Israel
F. 02-04 Iran fires rocket from space center Iran
6. 02-04 Support Chad president, says UN UN Security Council
7. 02-04 Millions march against rebels Colombia
I. 02-04 Bhutto's party resume campaigning Pakistan
J. 02-04 US rivals in frantic campaigning White House, USA


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Morning News

Feb.4   Chad   Rebels withdraw from capital
  Rebels fighting government forces had withdrawn from the capital to allow the civilian population the chance to escape
 Thousands of people are fleeing N'Djamena

  San Francisco Bay Area Google troubled by Microsoft move  Google finds Microsoft's $44.6bn bid to buy rival Yahoo 'troubling' and wants regulators to scrutinise the proposed deal

  European Union EU offers closer ties to Serbia  The European Union wants to speed up Serbia's progress towards membership, following the re-election of pro-Western President Tadic

  Israel Suicide blast at shopping center kills 1  The quick action of a police officer may have prevented a second suicide bombing after a first attack killed one person and wounded 11 others

  Iran Iran fires rocket from space center  Iran is laying the groundwork for what it says will be the future launch of its first domestically produced satellite

Day News

  UN Security Council   Support Chad president, says UN  The Security Council has called on all member-states to back the Chadian government following 2 days of clashes with rebels in Ndjamena

  Colombia Millions march against rebels  Colombians wearing white T-shirts marched in homeland and abroad, to demand FARC stop kidnapping people and release those it holds

  Pakistan Bhutto's party resume campaigning  Pakistan People's Party will restart its campaign to unseat Musharraf's ruling party from parliament following the end of mourning period

  USA US rivals in frantic campaigning  White House hopefuls are jetting across the US in last-minute campaigning ahead of the biggest single day of voting ever

  Afghanistan Report urges Afghan farmer boost  A new report on drugs trade urges more investment to provide alternative livelihoods for farmers

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