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Politics Main Event: McCain surges ahead in ...
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B. 02-05 Ceasefire in fighting as thousands flee Chad
2. 02-05 Ex-ally to fight Mugabe in poll Zimbabwe
D. 02-05 Super-fast train unveiled France
02-05 McCain surges ahead in primaries USA
5. 02-05 CIA admits waterboarding inmates CIA
6. 02-05 Indian guru Maharishi Yogi dies Netherlands
H. 02-05 More opium likely in Afghan south Southern Afghanistan


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Morning News

Feb.5   Chad   Ceasefire in fighting as thousands flee  Foreign Minister: Army has driven the rebels out of the capital and the rebels are now on the run

  Zimbabwe     Ex-ally to fight Mugabe in poll  Former finance minister Simba Makoni announced he will try to unseat President Robert Mugabe in next month's election

  France Super-fast train unveiled  President Sarkozy has attended the launch of a new high-speed train made by engineering giant Alstom

Day News

  USA     McCain surges ahead in primaries
  John McCain has forged ahead in his bid to win the Republican nomination, winning some major primaries
 Barack Obama won two big early states, but Hillary Clinton is coming back strongly

  CIA   CIA admits waterboarding inmates  The CIA has for the first time publicly admitted using the controversial method on terror suspects

  Netherlands Indian guru Maharishi Yogi dies  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who set the Beatles and other stars on the path to spiritual enlightenment, have been 91 years old

Evening News

  Southern Afghanistan More opium likely in Afghan south  The amount of opium poppy cultivated in volatile provinces will increase this year, according to an annual UN assessment

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