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1. 02-07 Karzai denies tensions with West Kabul
C. 02-07 Shaq joins Phoenix in shock trade Arizona
D. 02-07 Mobiles narrow digital divisions UN
4. 02-07 OSCE to boycott Russian election Russia
02-07 Romney suspends White House bid USA
G. 02-07 Bhutto assassination suspects arrested Rawalpindi
7. 02-07 NATO dismisses Afghanistan crisis Lithuania
I. 02-07 Cameroon on course for fifth title Ghana
9. 02-07 Congress approves US economy plan House of Representatives


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Morning News

Feb.7   Kabul     Karzai denies tensions with West   President Hamid Karzai has played down tensions over the role of foreign countries operating in Afghanistan. He expressed gratitude to NATO

  Arizona Shaq joins Phoenix in shock trade  NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal has left struggling Miami Heat to join the Suns in a blockbuster deal that has surprised the basketball world

  UN Mobiles narrow digital divisions  UNCTAD: Mobile phones and net access are helping narrow the gulf between rich and poor nations

  Russia OSCE to boycott Russian election  Europe's main election watchdog will boycott Russia's presidential election on March 2

Day News

  USA     Romney suspends White House bid
  Former Massachusetts Governor has suspended his campaign for the Republican party nomination for the US presidency

  Rawalpindi     Bhutto assassination suspects arrested Map of Rawalpindi  Police have arrested two suspects, named only as Rafaqat and Hasnain, in Rawalpindi

  Lithuania NATO dismisses Afghanistan crisis  Defence ministers have dismissed talk of a crisis over its operation in Afghanistan, saying the alliance was making progress in the country

  Ghana Cameroon on course for fifth title  Cameroon in African Nations Cup title made wrecking Ghana's party with a 1-0 semifinal win over the host nation

  House of Representatives Congress approves US economy plan  The Congress has passed a $167bn economic stimulus plan aimed at helping to bolster the U.S economy and avoid a recession

  Sri Lanka Amnesty warning over Sri Lanka  Military destroyed 6 Tamil Tiger bunkers during clashes that killed 5 guerrillas and 1 soldier, while a rights group warned that violence is escalating

  Iran Khomeini's grandson barred from election  Ali Eshraghi described his ban from next month's parliamentary elections as an insult to his family and said he would never beg to run

  Ghana Champions Egypt crush Ivory Coast  Defending champions crushed Ivory Coast 4-1 in the Africa Cup of Nations semifinals to set-up a final showdown against Cameroon

Evening News

  USA     McCain plea as Romney withdraws  John McCain has called on conservatives within the Republican Party to rally behind him after Mitt Romney suspended his campaign

  Nauru Australia ends 'Pacific Solution'  The last asylum seekers have left detention camp on Nauru, putting an end to the controversial immigration policy

  London Radical cleric to be extradited to U.S.  Home Office has signed an extradition order that will send accused terrorist Abu Hamza al-Masri to the U.S. for prosecution

  Missouri Six die in attack on city council meeting  A gunman shouting 'shoot the mayor' has opened fire on a meeting in the city of St Louis, Missouri, killing 5 people before being shot dead

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