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02-08 Scotland Yard: 'Blast killed Bhutto' Pakistan
2. 02-08 Putin vows 'arms race' response Moscow
3. 02-08 Deal will create joint government Kenya
4. 02-08 PM rejects special laws for Muslims London
F. 02-08 China rushes to restore electricity Southern China
6. 02-08 Turks set to ease headscarf ban Turkey
H. 02-08 Family ready for Ledger funeral Perth, Western Australia
I. 02-08 9/11 terror suspect extradited to Spain United Kingdom
9. 02-08 Putin: Russia to counter US military moves Moscow


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Morning News

Feb.8   Pakistan     Scotland Yard: 'Blast killed Bhutto'
  Report: former Prime Minister died from a severe injury when a bomb blast slammed her head into into an escape hatch on her SUV

  Moscow     Putin vows 'arms race' response
  Russia's President says the world is engaged in a new arms race and NATO is failing to accommodate Russia's concerns

  Kenya   Deal will create joint government  Ruling party and opposition have agreed to form a power-sharing government to end weeks of bloodshed

  London   PM rejects special laws for Muslims  The archbishop of Canterbury has called for a limited application of Islamic law. Muslims praised the proposal but the government rejected it

  Southern China China rushes to restore electricity  Emergency crews rushed to restore electricity to parts of southern China damaged by heavy snows

Day News

  Turkey   Turks set to ease headscarf ban
  The parliament is expected to amend the constitution to ease the ban on women wearing Islamic headscarves in universities

  Western Australia   Family ready for Ledger funeral Map of Perth Australia  Australian actor Heath Ledger is to be buried in his hometown of Perth at a small private ceremony

  United Kingdom 9/11 terror suspect extradited to Spain  Farid Hilali, 39, held in Britain faces possible charges of conspiracy in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and membership in a terrorist group

  Moscow Putin: Russia to counter US military moves  Russian President complained about 'one-way' Western military demands and promised that Russia will respond to NATO military expansion

  Tokyo Credit crunch to top talks  Finance ministers from the G7 of wealthy nations are meeting for a day of talks in Tokyo

  Kashmir Family buried alive in avalanche  6 family members were buried alive after an avalanche crashed into their house in a remote village

Evening News

  Darfur   Sudan bombs rebel forces
  The Sudanese military bombed 3 towns in West Darfur while striking at rebel forces as senior U.N. officials warned that security was deteriorating

  Japan   Sumo hazing allegations  Police arrested 3 wrestlers and their stable master over allegations they beat a 17-year-old wrestler to death

  Pakistan US says Mullah Omar 'in Pakistan'  Senior US official: Taliban leader and al-Qaeda commanders, including Osama Bin Laden, are living in Pakistan

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