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Politics Main Event: 28 dead as fire engulfs...
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B. 06-10 Cellar daughter conscious Austria
2. 06-10 Islamist rejects peace deal Somalia
3. 06-10 U.N. funding shortfall threatens air aid Darfur
4. 06-10 Tsvangirai: Zimbabwe 'run by military junta' Zimbabwe
F. 06-10 First Hungarian soldier dies in Afghanistan Baghlan, Northern Afghanistan
G. 06-10 Asian markets drop Shanghai
06-10 28 dead as fire engulfs plane Khartoum, Sudan
I. 06-10 Controversial tax to fund social programs Argentina
9. 06-10 Bush: Nuclear Iran can't be trusted Slovenia


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Morning News

Jun.10   Austria     Cellar daughter conscious
  Kerstin Fritzl, the 19-year-old woman whose illness alerted authorities to a major incest scandal, has regained consciousness

  Somalia   Islamist rejects peace deal  A leader of ousted Islamic movement rejected a U.N.-brokered peace deal between the government and an opposition alliance

  Darfur U.N. funding shortfall threatens air aid  The World Food Program is cutting back its air service in Sudan because a lack of funding has made it difficult to ferry aid workers to remote parts

  Zimbabwe Tsvangirai: Zimbabwe 'run by military junta'  Opposition leader says the country 'is effectively being run by a military junta'

  Northern Afghanistan First Hungarian soldier dies in Afghanistan  The soldier was attempting to defuse a bomb after a report of a blast that struck a civilian

  Shanghai Asian markets drop  China's most-watched index plunging 7.7%, as investors reacted to the country's latest move to tighten credit and restrain inflation

Day News

  Sudan   28 dead as fire engulfs plane Map of Khartoum Sudan
  A jetliner burst into flames after landing. A defect the Sudan Airways plane caused it to catch fire as it touched down. Some passengers survived
 TAnother 53 people are also missing. He fire then led to an explosion on the airplane. Flames consumed the plane as it sat on the runway

  Argentina Controversial tax to fund social programs  President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner announced plans to fund a public works program with revenues from a agrarian export tax

  Slovenia Bush: Nuclear Iran can't be trusted  President Bush and European allies threatened tougher sanctions to squeeze Iran's finances and derail its pursuit of a nuclear weapon

  Austria Villa hits hat-trick as Spain rout Russia  David Villa destroyed Russia as Spain showed their title intent with a dominating 4-1 victory in the opening Group D encounter

  New York US net firms to block child porn  Verizon, Sprint and Time Warner Cable have agreed to block access to bulletin boards and websites that carry images of child sex abuse

Evening News

  Nepal   Former king to leave palace
Map of Kathmandu Nepal
  Former king Gyanendra has spent his last night in the compound which has been home to the royal family for more than 100 years

  Morocco Terror cell members jailed  A court has convicted 29 men of forming a terror group, so-called Tetouan Cell, with intent to carry out attacks

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