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06-14 Powerful earthquake strikes Sendai, Northern Japan
C. 06-14 Mugabe vows to fight 'traitors' Zimbabwe
D. 06-14 Shuttle lands despite losing clip Florida
E. 06-14 Bush meets with Sarkozy Paris
F. 06-14 Deadly landslide buries factory Shanxi, China
6. 06-14 Zyryanov sends holders Greece crashing Salzburg, Austria
7. 06-14 Last-gasp Villa goal puts Spain through Innsbruck, Austria
I. 06-14 Troops pour into city of Amara Amara, Southern Iraq
9. 06-14 Suicide bomber strikes soccer fans Northern Iraq


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Morning News

Jun.14   Northern Japan   Powerful earthquake strikes
Map of Sendai Japan
  6 people were killed and at least 144 hurt Saturday morning when a 7.0 earthquake struck northeastern Japan. Another 8 people were missing

  Zimbabwe     Mugabe vows to fight 'traitors'  President has vowed that the main opposition party will never lead Zimbabwe and said he was prepared to 'go to war' for his country

  Florida Shuttle lands despite losing clip  Discovery's astronauts spotted something floating away from their shuttle that turned out to be a little metal clip

  Paris Bush meets with Sarkozy  U.S. President is for talks that focused on shared international concerns as much as they did on the countries' strong bilateral relationship

  China Deadly landslide buries factory  A landslide in northern China buried a brick factory, killing 19 workers. The landslide on a mountain in the village was engulfing the factory

Day News

  Austria     Zyryanov sends holders Greece crashing Map of Salzburg Austria  Greece's reign as European champions is over after Konstantin Zyryanov scored the only goal to give Russia a 1-0 victory

  Austria Last-gasp Villa goal puts Spain through  David Villa scores an injury time winner for the victory over Sweden to put them in the quarterfinals of Euro 2008 by finishing top of Group D

  Southern Iraq Troops pour into city of Amara  Iraqi troops and police backed by US forces have been sent to Amara in an operation against Shia gunmen. Iraqi tanks are patrolling streets

  Northern Iraq Suicide bomber strikes soccer fans  A female bomber targeted buoyant soccer fans who had just watched their national team win a big match against China. At least 29 were wounded

Evening News

  Kosovo   UN hands over to Kosovo Albanians
  A new constitution has come into force after the territory declared independence from Serbia in February. It's unclear who will oversee Serb areas

  London   More secret files found on train
  More government files, which cover fighting global terrorist funding, drugs trafficking were found on a commuter train earlier this week

  Sichuan   1 million flee from floods; 55 dead
Map of Sichuan
  Flooding has forced more than 1 million to flee their homes across a stretch of southwestern China, including the earthquake-ravaged province

  San Diego Tiger roars back to lead U.S. Open  With unbearable pain, Woods turned in one of his most memorable performances in a major and somehow took a one-shot lead over Westwood

  Tel Aviv Rice: Israeli settlement plans 'not helpful'  Secretary of State said Israel's plans to build 1,300 new homes in East Jerusalem were 'simply not helpful' to peace efforts in the region

  Northern Japan Rescuers search for quake missing  Rescue teams pressed their search for missing a day after a powerful weekend earthquake killed at least 5 people and left another 166 injured

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