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06-18 Bush calls for offshore drilling Washington
C. 06-18 Dozens die as battle rages Southern Afghanistan
D. 06-18 Israelis, Palestinians battle before truce Gaza
4. 06-18 Amnesty: Tibet protesters missing Tibet
F. 06-18 Tiger Woods Out For 2008 USA
G. 06-18 Rampant Russia make last-8 Basel, Switzerland
7. 06-18 Rice: N. Korea to declare nuclear past Washington
8. 06-18 UN chief questions Zimbabwe vote UN
J. 06-18 Arctic sea ice melt 'even faster' Arctic


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Morning News

Jun.18   Washington     Bush calls for offshore drilling
  President George W Bush has called on Congress to end a 27-year ban on drilling for oil in coastal waters, to reduce dependence on imports

  Southern Afghanistan   Dozens die as battle rages  2 Afghan soldiers and at least 23 militants were killed during a military operation to push out Taliban rebels from several villages

Day News

  Gaza   Israelis, Palestinians battle before truce
  Palestinian militants and the Israeli military traded violent attacks a day before a truce was scheduled to take effect

  Tibet Amnesty: Tibet protesters missing  More than 1,000 protester, a quarter of about 4,000 people detained by police during anti-government riots 3 months ago, are missing

  USA Tiger Woods Out For 2008  Woods had a planned reconstructive surgery on his left kneeafter he was significantly more injured

  Switzerland Rampant Russia make last-8  Russia rediscovered their flair with a goal in each half to beat Sweden 2-0 and advance to the European Championship quarterfinals

  Washington Rice: N. Korea to declare nuclear past  Secretary of State is saying a deal with Pyongyang to scrap its nuclear ambitions made Asia and the United States safer

  UN UN chief questions Zimbabwe vote  Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said the violence could undermine the outcome of the presidential run-off election

  Arctic Arctic sea ice melt 'even faster'  The year began with ice covering a larger area than at the beginning of 2007

Evening News

  Gaza     Israel, Hamas begin truce in Gaza
  A truce between Israel and Palestinian militants took effect at 6 a.m. local time, after both sides spent the previous day trading blows
 Under the terms, Israel will ease its blockade on Gaza and talks to release an Israeli soldier held by Hamas are expected to resume. Olmert has warned that the truce will be fragile

  Zimbabwe TV drops opposition ads  Public broadcaster ZBC will no longer carry campaign adverts from the opposition party ahead of next week's presidential election

  London U.N.: World refugees hits record  Tents, sacks of food and a replica of a burnt-out village hut appeared in Trafalgar Square as a tourist hotspot became a refugee camp

  Washington U.S.: Two Venezuelans support terrorism  The U.S. named 2 Venezuelans, including a diplomat, as supporters of international terrorism for their support of the Hezbollah

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