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06-20 Biti ordered to face treason trial Zimbabwe
2. 06-20 Czech threat looms for EU treaty Czech Republic
3. 06-20 Mars probe makes 'ice' discovery Global
E. 06-20 Air exercise probably message to Iran Israel
F. 06-20 Mercenary plays down role Equatorial Guinea
6. 06-20 Mugabe challenger 'may quit poll' Zimbabwe
H. 06-20 Turkey shock Croatia in penalty drama Vienna, Austria
I. 06-20 Tibet torch relay ends peacefully Tibet


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Morning News

Jun.20   Zimbabwe   Biti ordered to face treason trial
  A magistrate ruled that Tendai Biti, the secretary-general of the opposition party, must face trial on charges that include treason

  Czech Republic   Czech threat looms for EU treaty  EU leaders have admitted that the Czech Republic may not be able to ratify the Lisbon Treaty, already been rejected by the Irish

  Global Mars probe makes 'ice' discovery  Nasa's Phoenix lander has unearthed chunks of a bright material found in a trench dug, compelling evidence of ice on Mars

  Israel Air exercise probably message to Iran  Israel conducted a major aerial military exercise over the eastern Mediterranean Sea in part an Israeli effort to send a public message

  Equatorial Guinea Mercenary plays down role  Simon Mann faced a possible verdict in his trial on charges of plotting a coup, a plot which Mann has testified was financed and planned by others

  Zimbabwe Mugabe challenger 'may quit poll'  MDC will announce whether the party will withdraw from the 27 June presidential run-off

Day News

  Austria     Turkey shock Croatia in penalty drama Map of Vienna Austria  Croatia largely dominated the match. Rakitic missed 2 out of the first 3 penalties for Croatia to give Turkey a 3-1 advantage

  Washington U.S. to report drop in Iraq war violence  The Pentagon's upcoming report to Congress is expected to highlight a decline in violence in 2008

Evening News

  Tibet   Tibet torch relay ends peacefully
  The Olympic torch made its way without trouble through Tibet's sealed-off capital, site of a March crackdown on rioting

  Mexico   12 trampled to death in Mexico City
Map of Mexico City Mexico
  A raid on a nightclub resulted in a stampede for the doors and left two minors and three police officers among the dead

  Zimbabwe     Mugabe defiant as MDC mulls poll  President Robert Mugabe says 'only God' can remove him from office, as the opposition considers pulling out from a presidential run-off vote

  India 8-limbed baby becoming normal little girl  Rural villagers believed 2-year-olds Lakshmi was a goddess, not a girl and underwent a surgery last fall

  Florida Salmonella traced to Florida or Mexico  Investigators looking for the source of an outbreak linked to tomatoes will focus on farms in Mexico and Florida

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