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06-24 First violation of Israeli, Hamas truce Gaza
2. 06-24 Suicide sparks Sarkozy scare Tel Aviv
3. 06-24 ANC 'dismayed' by Zimbabwe crisis South Africa
E. 06-24 U.S. Embassy staff, soldiers killed Sadr City
F. 06-24 Quake death toll to 'exceed 80,000' Sichuan
6. 06-24 Mugabe defiant as criticism grows Zimbabwe
7. 06-24 Police fired over stampede
8. 06-24 Bill Clinton endorses Obama bid White House, USA
J. 06-24 Monet water lily painting sets $80M record London


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Morning News

Jun.24   Gaza     First violation of Israeli, Hamas truce
  Hamas said it's leaders are still committed to a cease-fire agreement with Israel despite numerous rocket and mortar strikes

  Tel Aviv     Suicide sparks Sarkozy scare
  Security guards whisked away Sarkozy and Olmert after a gunshot was heard at Ben Gurion Airport. Border police officer killed himself

  South Africa   ANC 'dismayed' by Zimbabwe crisis  The governing party has accused the Zimbabwean government of 'riding roughshod' over democracy and said a fair election is not possible

  Sadr City   U.S. Embassy staff, soldiers killed Map of Sadr City  An explosion rocked a municipal building, killing six Iraqis, two U.S. soldiers and two civilian U.S. Embassy employees

  Sichuan Quake death toll to 'exceed 80,000'  Officially 69,181 people are dead with another missing 18,498

Day News

  Zimbabwe     Mugabe defiant as criticism grows
  President Robert Mugabe has vowed to press ahead with run-off presidential election despite growing international condemnation

  Mexico Police fired over stampede  The authorities have fired 17 police officers after a nightclub raid caused a stampede that killed 12 people

  USA Bill Clinton endorses Obama bid  Former President has announced for the first time his support of fellow Democrat Barack Obama's bid for the White House

  London Monet water lily painting sets $80M record  The painting by impressionist master was sold for more than $80 million at auction, kicking off a week of modern-art sales expected to reach records

Evening News

  Washington   US to ignore Zimbabwe poll result  State department: The US will not recognise the outcome of Friday's presidential election run-off

  Belgium Oxfam: Caution needed on biofuel boom  Anti-poverty group urged the world's poorest nations to think twice before jumping on a biofuel boom that could drive farmers off their land

  Paraguay Senate blocks president's early exit  Senate failed to muster a quorum, thereby frustrating Duarte's bid to resign 2 months before the end of his term to join that same legislative body

  Florida Florida to buy Everglades swathe  US conservationists are hailing a landmark agreement under which the state will buy a huge tract of land from a major sugar company

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