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B. 06-25 Hundreds held in Saudi terror swoop Saudi Arabia
2. 06-25 Tsvangirai leaves embassy refuge Zimbabwe
D. 06-25 Court bans death for child rape U.S. Supreme Court
E. 06-25 Safin sinks Djokovic in straight sets London
5. 06-25 PM avoids early elections Jerusalem
G. 06-25 'Shape-shifting skyscraper' unveiled Dubai
06-25 South Korea lifts ban on US beef South Korea
I. 06-25 Lahm goal puts Germany in final Basel, Switzerland
9. 06-25 Mandela condemns Mugabe 'failure' South Africa


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Morning News

Jun.25   Saudi Arabia   Hundreds held in Saudi terror swoop
  The authorities have arrested 520 people over the past 6 months for having ties with al Qaeda and planning attacks against oil installations

  Zimbabwe   Tsvangirai leaves embassy refuge  Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai briefly left the Dutch Embassy, holding a news conference at his home before returning to the embassy

  U.S. Supreme Court Court bans death for child rape  The Court has struck down Louisiana law that would have allowed the execution of someone convicted of raping a child

  London Safin sinks Djokovic in straight sets  Marat Safin rolled back the years in sensational style when he sent Sebrian third seed Novak Djokovic crashing out of Wimbledon

  Jerusalem PM avoids early elections  The lawmakers have reached a last-minute deal that will allow embattled Olmert to stay in power for a few more months

  Dubai 'Shape-shifting skyscraper' unveiled  Ambitious plans to build a 420-meter 80-story Dynamic Towe, world's first building in motion, have been unveiled by architects

Day News

  South Korea   South Korea lifts ban on US beef
  South Korea has formally lifted an import ban, allowing meat from young cattle to be shipped into the country

  Switzerland   Lahm goal puts Germany in final Map of Basel Switzerland
  Philipp Lahm struck a superb last-minute winner as Germany reached the final of Euro 2008 with a 3-2 victory at St Jakob-Park over Turkey

  South Africa     Mandela condemns Mugabe 'failure'   Former South African leader has added his voice to the growing international condemnation of the political violence in Zimbabwe

  Sunni Triangle U.S., Iraqi police in dispute over airstrike  Police said a U.S. airstrike killed a family of 6, but the U.S. military described it as an attack targeting insurgents that killed one 'armed terrorist'

  Iran Iran: Time running out over nuke issue  Powerful speaker of parliament warned other countries not to provoke Iran and cautioned against moves that would 'cost them heavily'

Evening News

  North Korea   North Korea declaration expected  There are reports the communist country could hand over a long-awaited declaration of its nuclear activities

  Zimbabwe   Tsvangirai denies peacekeepers request  Opposition leader denied writing an editorial that appeared in a British newspaper under his name calling for armed international peacekeepers

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