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Politics Main Event: Pakistan launches Talib...
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06-28 Pakistan launches Taliban offensive Peshawar
2. 06-28 Mugabe 'preparing to be sworn in' Zimbabwe
3. 06-28 Kosovo Serbs launch new assembly Mitrovica, Kosovo
E. 06-28 Kidnapped aid workers freed Somalia
F. 06-28 Second quake rattles Indian islands Andaman Islands, India
G. 06-28 Plane crash victims found dead Jakarta
7. 06-28 Election results delay Zimbabwe
8. 06-28 WHO to open permanent Baghdad office Baghdad


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Morning News

Jun.28   Peshawar     Pakistan launches Taliban offensive Map of Peshawar Pakistan
  Pakistan launched the biggest military push against militants in northwestern tribal region since a civilian government took power in March

  Washington   Bush calls for Zimbabwe sanctions  Calling runoff presidential election a 'sham,' U.S. President said he would push for additional sanctions against the country's government

  Zimbabwe     Mugabe 'preparing to be sworn in'  Robert Mugabe is expected to be sworn in as president, following his victory in an election boycotted by the opposition candidate

  Kosovo Kosovo Serbs launch new assembly  Serbs in Kosovo are holding the inaugural session of an assembly in defiance of the majority ethnic Albanian government and the UN

  Somalia Kidnapped aid workers freed  Swedish and a Danish national taken hostage by Islamist militants were released within hours

  India Second quake rattles Indian islands  A 6.1-magnitude earthquake has struck off Andaman Islands; the second earthquake to hit the area in as many days

  Jakarta Plane crash victims found dead  Officials found the bodies of 18 people who died in CASA C-212, a military transport plane, crash south of Jakarta

Day News

  Zimbabwe   Election results delay  Election officials: Final results from one-candidate presidential election have been delayed

  Baghdad WHO to open permanent Baghdad office  The World Health Organization is opening a permanent office, a move that underscores recent security improvements in Iraq's capital

  Malaysia Opposition leader accused of sodomy  Anwar Ibrahim's accusation is sparking speculation that he might be arrested on the same charge that led to his imprisonment a decade ago

  Paris Iran exiles back armed opposition  Tens of thousands of supporters of the opposition have attended a rally organised by the National Council of Resistance of Iran

Evening News

  Cape Town   Tutu urges Zimbabwe intervention Map of Cape Town  The former Cape Town archbishop Desmond Tutu has urged the international community to intervene in Zimbabwe, by force if necessary

  South Korea Scores hurt in beef protests  Thousands of protesters battled riot police in downtown Seoul after a rally opposing S. Korea's decision to import U.S. beef turned violent

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