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War & Army Main Event: Mugabe sworn in after...
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06-29 Mugabe sworn in after disputed election Zimbabwe
2. 06-29 Israel OKs Hezbollah prisoner deal Jerusalem
D. 06-29 Anwar seeks sanctuary in Turkish embassy Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4. 06-29 Israel reopens border crossings Gaza
F. 06-29 Torres strike gives Spain final victory Vienna, Austria
6. 06-29 Shooting demo uses real bullets, injures 16 Aude, France
H. 06-29 Observers denounce vote Zimbabwe
I. 06-29 Zimbabwe looms over Africa summit Egypt


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Morning News

Jun.29   Zimbabwe     Mugabe sworn in after disputed election
  President Robert Mugabe was sworn in after the Electoral Commission declared he overwhelmingly won the disputed runoff election
 Robert Mugabe was the only candidate to run after the opposition boycotted the vote amid claims of state-sponsored violence. A 21-gun salute and military jet fly-by greeted Mugabe at the ceremony at his State House residence in Harare. Official results said he won all 10 provinces with 85.5% of the vote, but there were many spoiled ballots

  Jerusalem     Israel OKs Hezbollah prisoner deal
  The Israeli Cabinet approved the measure 22-3 a deal with Hezbollah to exchange prisoners for 2 kidnapped Israeli soldiers

  Malaysia   Anwar seeks sanctuary in Turkish embassy Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia  Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has sought refuge in the embassy in Kuala Lumpur

  Gaza Israel reopens border crossings  Israel reopened some of its border crossings with Gaza, 4 days after it closed all but one passage because of Palestinian rocket attacks

Day News

  Austria   Torres strike gives Spain final victory
Map of Vienna Austria
  Thousands of euphoric fans are celebrating in Madrid after their football team won Euro 2008, beating Germany 1-0
 Germany had enjoyed the better of the opening exchanges. A first-half goal from Liverpool striker Torres proved enough to end Spain 44-year wait for a major tournament success. Madrid is awash with national colours, as fans draped in flags dance and sing in the streets

  France   Shooting demo uses real bullets, injures 16
Map of Aude France
  A military demonstration in southeast France left 16 people wounded, including children, when real bullets were used instead of blank ones

  Zimbabwe   Observers denounce vote  Regional observers have said presidential poll did not reflect the will of the people, hours after Robert Mugabe was sworn

  Washington U.S. 'preparing the battlefield' in Iran  Journalist Seymour Hersh: The Bush administration has launched a 'significant escalation' of covert operations in Iran, sending commandos to spy

Evening News

  Egypt   Zimbabwe looms over Africa summit  African Union leaders are gathering for a summit which seems set to be overshadowed by the crisis in Zimbabwe

  Cambodia Top Khmer Rouge diplomat in court  Former foreign minister 82-year-old Ieng Sary has appeared before genocide tribunal to appeal against his detention

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