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06-04 Tsvangirai arrested ahead of runoff vote Zimbabwe
C. 06-04 Water behind 'quake lake' at top of dam Sichuan
D. 06-04 Obama pledges support for Israel USA
E. 06-04 UEFA bars Porto from Champions League Portugal
5. 06-04 Investor steps up Yahoo campaign San Francisco Bay Area
6. 06-04 Fishermen clash with police at EU Belgium
H. 06-04 U.S. ships to abort Myanmar mission Myanmar
I. 06-04 Opposition leader freed Zimbabwe
J. 06-04 Clinton will quit and back Obama USA


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Morning News

Jun.4   Zimbabwe   Tsvangirai arrested ahead of runoff vote
  Police have detained presidential contender, just weeks before the June 27 runoff election against President Mugabe

  Sichuan     Water behind 'quake lake' at top of dam
Map of Sichuan
  Authorities watched nervously as rising water behind an earthquake-created dam neared a spillway designed to relieve pressure on it

  USA     Obama pledges support for Israel  Barack Obama has pledged unwavering support for Israel in his first foreign policy speech since declaring himself the nominee for president

  Portugal UEFA bars Porto from Champions League  UEFA has thrown Porto out of next season's Champions League after the club was found guilty in a bribery scandal

  San Francisco Bay Area Investor steps up Yahoo campaign  Outraged by new details about Yahoo efforts to complicate Microsoft takeover bid, Carl Icahn says he believes Yahoo's board will have to be fired

  Belgium Fishermen clash with police at EU  Police have clashed with hundreds of fisherman protesting against the high cost of fuel outside the European Union headquarters

  Myanmar U.S. ships to abort Myanmar mission  U.S. Navy ships loaded with supplies for victims of the cyclone will sail away, after the junta refused for 3 weeks to allow them to deliver aid

Day News

  Zimbabwe   Opposition leader freed  Morgan Tsvangirai has been released by police without charge after being detained for about 8 hours

  USA     Clinton will quit and back Obama  Hillary's campaign: Clinton will withdraw from the race to become the Democratic candidate for the presidency, and back her rival Barack Obama

  Iraq   Sunnis eager to move fight to ballot box  Some Sunnis plan to put down their weapons and instead join 'the battle of the fingers'

  Paris Federer fights back to reach semifinals  Roger Federer booked his place in a grand slam semifinal for the 16th time in succession as he dispatched Fernando Gonzalez in 4 sets

  Australia Child porn arrests  70 people have been arrested in a nationwide operation to crack down on the use of child pornography on the web

  Guantanamo Chinese interrogated Muslims at Gitmo  Lawmakers chastised the Bush administration for allowing the Chinese government to interrogate Chinese Muslim detainees

Evening News

  Pittsburgh     Detroit claims Stanley Cup over Pittsburgh
Map of Pittsburgh
  The Red Wings won the Cup for the fourth time in 11 seasons with a 3-2 victory over the Penguins in Game 6 of the finals

  Argentina   Traffic snarls latest bump in farm crisis Map of Cordoba Argentina  Disagreements between the government and farmers over export taxes flared up as drivers used their trucks to snarl traffic

  Somalia   Red Cross: Somalia facing severe famine  Somalia is facing life-threatening food and water shortages leaving millions at risk for starvation

  Southern California Marine cleared over Iraq killings  A military jury has acquitted Lt Andrew Grayson of charges that he helped cover up the killing of 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians in Haditha in 2005

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