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Death toll from huge suicide blast soars  The death toll from truck bombing -- the deadliest single attack this year -- has risen to 80. The blast wounded 211 people and destroyed 50 buildings   Deadly market bomb hits Iraq city Map of Kirkuk Iraq
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Crime Main Event: Truck suicide bombing kill...
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B. 02-24 US soldiers hurt in Iraq attack Mosul
C. 03-16 Warning shot kills Iraqi girl Nineveh, Northern Iraq
D. 04-10 Suicide bombing kills five U.S. soldiers Mosul
E. 05-02 Iragi soldier guns down U.S. troops Mosul
F. 05-08 As exit looms, U.S. battles insurgents Mosul
G. 06-01 Iraqi Kurds begin exporting oil Northern Iraq
06-20 Truck suicide bombing kills dozens Taza, Northern Iraq
8. 06-21 Death toll from huge suicide blast soars Northern Iraq
9. 06-30 Deadly market bomb hits Iraq city Kirkuk, Northern Iraq

Iragi soldier guns down U.S. troops  An Iraqi soldier fatally shot two U.S. soldiers and wounded three others. The shooter was killed when American soldiers returned fire As exit looms, U.S. battles insurgents  U.S. units in Mosul are in the midst of a months-long operation to sweep out extremist fighters Iraqi Kurds begin exporting oil  The leaders of Iraqi Kurdistan began pumping oil from Kurdish-controlled oil fields through a pipeline to neighboring Turke Truck suicide bombing kills dozens Map of Taza Iraq
US soldiers hurt in Iraq attack  A number of soldiers have been wounded and an Iraqi interpreter has been killed after coming under fire from police Warning shot kills Iraqi girl   A 12-year-old died after she was struck by a warning shot fired as a vehicle accelerated toward an Iraqi police station Suicide bombing kills five U.S. soldiers

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  A truck bomber breached the outer security barrier of Iraqi National Police headquarters in , and detonated his explosives, killing 8 people

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  A bombing near a Shiite mosque killed at least 46 people and wounded at least 166 in a city close to Kirkuk
  At least 25 people have been killed by a car bomb in the city of Kirkuk as Iraqis celebrated the withdrawal of US troops from towns and cities in Iraq

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Jul.8   Bombings kill at least 19, wound some 60
Map of Nineveh Iraq
  Most of the casualties were from two car bombs in Shiite areas near Mosul. Political tensions have recently flared between Arabs and Kurds

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Aug.9   Dozens killed by car bombs
  At least 4 bombs have exploded, with dozens dead and many more wounded. 2 truck bombs exploded in a Shia village near Mosul
 Bombings across the country have killed 48 and wounded 231 others, most civilians in Shiite areas
Aug.13   Double suicide bombs kill 17
Map of Sinjar Iraq  At least 17 people have been killed by two suicide bombers in Mosul province. 20 others were hurt by the attack on a crowded café

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Sep.8     Deadly day for US troops overseas
  4 died in Iraq, including 3 in a roadside bombing in northern Iraq. 4 soldiers died in a 'complex attack' in Kunar province, eastern Afghanistan Sep.10     Scores killed in multiple Iraq bombings
  Four bombing attacks killed at least 26 people and wounded more than 80 others. At least 20 civilians were killed in a suicide truck bombing Sep.26   U.S. drone hits Islamic Party building  A drone crashed, damaging the Mosul branch of the powerful Iraqi Islamic Party — the nation’s largest Sunni political party

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Dec.19   General defends pregnancy ban
  A US Army general has defended his decision to add pregnancy to the list of reasons a soldier under his command could face court martial

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