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Senate panel passes health bill
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  US commander in Pakistan warning  Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: A US troop build-up in Afghanistan could push Taliban deeper into Pakistan, further destabilising it   Senator: Cheney's lying about CIA memos  Carl Levin says former VP's claims -- that classified memos show enhanced interrogation techniques like waterboarding worked -- are wrong Democrats win crucial Senate seat  President Obama's party secured a critical 60 seats in the Senate, after the last undecided seat was awarded to a Democrat US top court nominee faces Senate  The US Senate has begun a hearing on whether to confirm Sonia Sotomayor as Obama's choice to serve on the Supreme Court Supreme Court nominee states case  Sonia Sotomayor has stated her case for a place on the US Supreme Court, saying her judicial philosophy is 'fidelity to the law' Senator Edward Kennedy, 77, dies
Clinton pledges to use diplomacy Senate eases 'trade war' bill  The Senate has voted to soften a controversial 'Buy American' clause in an economic recovery package, after warnings it might spark a trade ... US senators agree economy bill  Senators say they have reached agreement on a huge $780bn economic stimulus package designed to revitalise the US economy US Senate approves stimulus plan  The Democratic-controlled Senate has passed, 61-37, an economic plan expected to cost some $838bn, with few Republicans opting to back it   Another Obama cabinet pick quits   Republican Senator Judd Gregg is withdrawing as President's nominee for commerce secretary because of differences with the administration Bloody war crossing U.S. border  A war between Mexican drug cartels is no longer solely a south-of-the-border problem, members of Congress said at a hearing   Report: Rice, Cheney OK'd waterboarding  Top Bush officials gave the CIA approval to use waterboarding, as early as 2002, a Senate intelligence report shows Republican senator switches party  Arlen Specter is to become a Democrat. The move would give the Democrats just one short of the 60 needed to overturn Republican in the US Se... Pirate ex-hostage favors military escorts  Richard Phillips called on the federal government to provide military escorts for international shipping vessels Time short to stop Iran, investigator says  New York District Attorney Robert Morgenthau: the Islamic republic is 'deadly serious' about developing nuclear weapons and long-range missi... Guantanamo detainee move blocked

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  The Senate has overwhelmingly rejected plans to transfer detainees out of Guantanamo, and refused funding to close down the prison camp

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  The Democratic Massachusetts senator, the brother of ex-President John F Kennedy, has died after battling a brain tumour
 Edward Kennedy became a member of the Senate in 1962 to replace his brother when he resigned to become president, and was re-elected 7 times

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  A Senate committee has approved a bill to reform healthcare, a key step in President Barack Obama's attempt to overhaul the system
Oct.17     Senator Kerry warns on Afghan troops  John Kerry has said it would be irresponsible to send more US troops to Afghanistan before the result of the presidential election there is clear Oct.20   Congress passes Guantanamo bill  The Senate has voted to continue to allow inmates to be tried on US soil, removing a hurdle as the Obama administration seeks to close the c...

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Nov.21   Healthcare bill passes first Senate hurdle
  The Senate has narrowly voted,60 votes to 39, to hold a full debate on a bill designed to overhaul the country's healthcare provision

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Dec.8   McChrystal: Next 18 months 'critical'
  Top U.S. commander: Finding Osama bin Laden and rolling back Taliban are necessary steps toward winning the war in Afghanistan
Dec.24   Senate passes healthcare reform bill
  The bill aims to cover 31 million uninsured Americans and could lead to the biggest change in US healthcare in decades
 The bill was adopted by 60 votes to 39, with senators voting along party lines. President Obama is saying it was the most important piece of social legislation since the 1930s. The bill must still be reconciled with more expansive legislation passed by the House of Representatives
  Obama hails Senate health bill support  President Obama has welcomed the passage of healthcare bill through the Senate, saying it paves the way for 'real' reform

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B. 01-13 Clinton pledges to use diplomacy U.S. Senate
2. 02-04 Senate eases 'trade war' bill U.S. Senate
02-06 US senators agree economy bill U.S. Senate
4. 02-10 US Senate approves stimulus plan U.S. Senate
F. 02-12 Another Obama cabinet pick quits Washington
G. 03-17 Bloody war crossing U.S. border U.S. Senate
H. 04-23 Report: Rice, Cheney OK'd waterboarding U.S. Senate
I. 04-30 Pirate ex-hostage favors military escorts U.S. Senate

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