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War & Army Main Event: Obama's housing plan ...
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02-18 Obama's housing plan 'to help 9m' Washington
2. 02-18 Obama: Troops alone cannot win Washington
3. 02-18 70,000 trapped in Sri Lanka war zone Sri Lanka
4. 02-18 Captive deal 'key to Gaza truce' Jerusalem
F. 02-18 Yemen arrests former Gitmo detainee Yemen
G. 02-18 Taiwan economy slumps into recession Taiwan
H. 02-18 U.S. protests expulsions of diplomats Ecuador
I. 02-18 Cocaine price 'set to fall more' European Union
J. 02-18 All 18 survive helicopter crash Aberdeen, Scotland


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Morning News

Feb.18   Washington     Obama's housing plan 'to help 9m'
  The plan will provide refinancing to 4 to 5 million 'responsible homeowners' and a 'homeowner stability initiative' to reduce monthly payments

  Washington     Obama: Troops alone cannot win  President Barack Obama: Diplomacy will play a bigger role in U.S. efforts in Afghanistan in future even with a significant troop increase

  Sri Lanka 70,000 trapped in Sri Lanka war zone  India urged Tamil rebels to 'release' civilians, who it said numbered about 70,000 in Sri Lanka's war zone

  Jerusalem Captive deal 'key to Gaza truce'  Israel's security cabinet has decided there will be no truce in Gaza until an Israeli soldier Cpl Shalit captured in 2006 is freed

  Yemen Yemen arrests former Gitmo detainee  The authorities have arrested and extradited a Saudi man who rejoined al Qaeda after he was released from the U.S. military's detention facility

Day News

  Taiwan     Taiwan economy slumps into recession
  Taiwan's economy slumped 8.36% during the last three months of 2008 with its second straight quarter of economic losses

  Ecuador   U.S. protests expulsions of diplomats  The State Department called the expulsion of the 2nd U.S. diplomat from Ecuador in just over a week 'unjustified'

  European Union Cocaine price 'set to fall more'  INCB: The price of cocaine in Europe is set to fall even further as smugglers use new routes through West Africa and the Balkans

  Scotland All 18 survive helicopter crash  The Super Puma ditched 120 miles east of Aberdeen while approaching an offshore platform

Evening News

  Washington     US urges Nato to up Afghan effort   Defence Secretary Robert Gates has urged Nato allies to increase their troop levels in Afghanistan to fight the Taliban

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