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B. 02-24 Failure hits Nasa's 'CO2 hunter' USA
2. 02-24 Pro-Thaksin protesters demand elections Thailand
D. 02-24 US soldiers hurt in Iraq attack Mosul
E. 02-24 US recession 'may last into 2010' U.S. Congress
02-24 Determined Obama vows to renew US U.S. Congress
G. 02-24 Exports drop 45% to new low Japan
H. 02-24 Hudson pilot urges safety funding U.S. Congress
8. 02-24 19 political prisoners released Myanmar
9. 02-24 Pakistan sees 'hope' in Obama approach Washington


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Morning News

Feb.24   USA   Failure hits Nasa's 'CO2 hunter'   The Orbiting Carbon Observatory, Nasa's first dedicated mission to measure carbon dioxide from space, has failed following a rocket malfunction

  Thailand Pro-Thaksin protesters demand elections  Thousands of supporters of former Prime Minister demonstrated peacefully outside government headquarters

  Mosul US soldiers hurt in Iraq attack  A number of soldiers have been wounded and an Iraqi interpreter has been killed after coming under fire from police

  U.S. Congress US recession 'may last into 2010'  Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke has warned Congress that without the right policies from the government, the recession could last into 2010

Day News

  U.S. Congress     Determined Obama vows to renew US
  US President has addressed a joint session of Congress for the first time, warning that a 'day of reckoning' has arrived for the US
 Barack Obama speaks to Congress for the first time, vowing that the U.S. will emerge stronger from economic crisis

  Japan   Exports drop 45% to new low  Japan's exports plunged more than 45% in January compared to a year ago to hit the lowest figure ever. The demand for cars dropped by 69%

  U.S. Congress Hudson pilot urges safety funding  The pilot of a plane that ditched into the river in New York has called on US airlines to invest more in recruiting and training pilots

  Myanmar 19 political prisoners released  Among those released was Ma Khin Khin Leh, who was serving a life sentence because her husband had helped plan a protest demonstration

  Washington Pakistan sees 'hope' in Obama approach  Foreign minister Qureshi is optimistic about the Obama's commitment to its region and will work with the U.S. on trying to root out extremism

  Melbourne Fire death toll reaches 210  Victoria Police are still working to identify all the victims of the fires that have raged. At least 2,029 homes have been destroyed

Evening News

  Bangladesh   Gun battle in capital Map of Dhaka Bangladesh
  A gun battle has broken out inside the Bangladesh Rifle headquarters of the border guards, in Dhaka

  Syria   Syria set up missile facility at suspect site  Syria's nuclear chief told the nuclear watchdog agency that his country has built a military missile facility at suspect nuclear site

  Argentina Holocaust-denying bishop leaves  Bishop Richard Williamson who was ordered to leave Argentina because of his inflammatory comments about the Holocaust left the country

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