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Politics Main Event: Nine killed as Turkish ...
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02-25 Nine killed as Turkish plane crashes Amsterdam, Netherlands
2. 02-25 Iran tests its first nuclear power plant Bushehr, Southern Iran
3. 02-25 Three set themselves on fire Beijing
E. 02-25 S Leone trio guilty of war crimes Sierra Leone
5. 02-25 U.S. report scolds China on human rights Washington
G. 02-25 Fifty feared dead Bangladesh
H. 02-25 US cracks down on Mexico cartels USA
I. 02-25 FDA: India plant falsified drug data Washington
J. 02-25 Woods wins first match in return to golf Arizona


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Morning News

Feb.25   Netherlands   Nine killed as Turkish plane crashes Map of Amsterdam Netherlands
  A passenger jet crashed as it tried to land at the airport, killing at least nine people and injuring more than 50 -- 25 seriously
 A Turkish Airlines plane breaks up after landing short of the runway

  Southern Iran   Iran tests its first nuclear power plant
Map of Bushehr Iran
  Tests were carried out at the Bushehr nuclear power plant using dummy fuel rods, loaded with lead in place of enriched uranium

  Beijing Three set themselves on fire  Three men set themselves on fire in a shopping area in downtown Beijing and were taken to a hospital

  Sierra Leone S Leone trio guilty of war crimes  A war crimes court has found three rebel commanders guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity

Day News

  Washington   U.S. report scolds China on human rights  The State Dept issued a report sharply critical of China's human rights record, despite the Obama decision to take a different approach to China

  Bangladesh     Fifty feared dead  Border guards have begun laying down arms after Prime Minister Hasina offered the troops a general amnesty

  USA US cracks down on Mexico cartels  US federal agents have arrested some 750 people across the country

  Washington FDA: India plant falsified drug data  The Food and Drug Administration has stopped reviewing drug applications from Ranbaxy's Paonta Sahib plant

  Arizona Woods wins first match in return to golf  Tiger Woods' return to competitive golf got a strong boost with his win over Australian outsider Brendan Jones

  Southern Afghanistan Four British troops killed  3 British soldiers under NATO command were killed in an explosion, and a Royal Marine died as a result of wounds

  Netherlands Flight recorders found at Dutch crash site  Investigators are trying to determine what caused the crash of an airplane with a good safety record, flown by the Turkish Airlines

Evening News

  Bangladesh   Guard mutiny 'spreads'
Map of Dhaka Bangladesh
  The mutiny by paramilitary troops has spread to towns outside the capital, as troops in Dhaka began laying down their arms
 Mutineers rebelled over poor pay and conditions Nearly 100 people are known to have died in 2days of unrest. Later troops have uncovered a grave thought to hold the bodies of 58 officers killed by mutineers including the border guard force's chief officer. The authorities have arrested at least 200

  North Mexico Experts meet to fight narcotraffickers  Ciudad Juarez was converted into a fortress as members of President's security cabinet met to devise a strategy to combat narcotraffickers

  Darfur 15,000 flee southern Darfur  U.N.: Thousands of people have fled recent violence in south Darfur, seeking security and shelter at a refugee camp in north Darfur

  Gaza Palestinian groups agree releases  Senior members of Hamas and Fatah, have agreed to release each other's members from detention ahead of unity talks

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