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Crime Main Event: Pirates free arms ship
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02-05 Pirates free arms ship Somalia
C. 02-05 Iraq nervously awaits results of elections Baghdad
3. 02-05 Nazi 'Dr. Death' hunt leads to Cairo Germany
E. 02-05 UK interest rates cut to new low London
F. 02-05 Privacy fears over Google tracker San Francisco Bay Area
G. 02-05 Sri Lanka rejects dialogue appeal Sri Lanka
7. 02-05 Last Guantanamo trial is halted Guantanamo
8. 02-05 Phelps suspended over 'pot pipe' South Carolina
J. 02-05 Russia and China seen negatively Global


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Morning News

Feb.5   Somalia   Pirates free arms ship
  Pirates who hijacked a Ukrainian ship MV Faina loaded with weapons have received a ransom and have left the vessel

  Baghdad Iraq nervously awaits results of elections  Iraq is on the watch for unrest in the Sunni Arab region of Anbar province when the results of the country's provincial elections are released

  Germany Nazi 'Dr. Death' hunt leads to Cairo  German investigators acknowledged 'credible information' indicating that one of the world's most wanted Nazi war criminals died 20 years ago

  London UK interest rates cut to new low  The Bank of England reduced interest rates by 0.5 percentage points to 1 percent, the lowest-ever level

  San Francisco Bay Area Privacy fears over Google tracker  Google has announced Latitude service, a new feature that allows users to share their locations among a chosen network of friends

  Sri Lanka Sri Lanka rejects dialogue appeal  The government has rejected a call by international donors for Tamil Tiger rebels to negotiate terms of surrender with the government

Day News

  Guantanamo   Last Guantanamo trial is halted
  Susan Crawford , The judge in charge of the Guantanamo Bay hearings, has ordered an end to the last trial there

  South Carolina     Phelps suspended over 'pot pipe' Map of South Carolina  The US swimmer has been suspended from competition for 3 months after photographs were published appearing to show him smoking cannabis

  Global Russia and China seen negatively  China's positive ratings fell 6 points over the year to 39%, while negative views of Russia jumped eight points to 42%

  Ethiopia U.S. envoy found dead  Brian Adkins, a newly assigned diplomat in Ethiopia, was found dead at his home in the Ethiopian capital. He would be 26 on Monday

  Zimbabwe Parliament passes unity bill  The parliament unanimously passed a resolution to form a unity government with President Mugabe and the opposition

Evening News

  Washington Kyrgyzstan base-closure 'regrettable'  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Kyrgyzstan's decision to close a strategic U.S. military base is 'regrettable'

  Sri Lanka Rebel naval base captured  The Sri Lankan military claimed it has struck a decisive blow against Tamil rebels in the taking of a base at Chalai

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